Comodo + Firehog (Firefox) + Microsoft Office 2007 = Annoying!!!

Okay here’s the deal. Everytime I cut/copy a link or text from firefox and paste it into an Office 2007 word document and when I click on the save button on Word I get this afterwards: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office12\WINWORD.EXE has tried to use firefox.exe to through OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack other applications. WINWORD.EXE might be using firefox.exe to connect to the internet.

(:AGY) This is getting really annoying. I check the ip destinations and one registers as Ebay/paypal and another one at something. I just deny it and then firehog shoots up my old system and can no longer connect. So I just close Firefog and open it again. Anyone know what’s going on? And Comodo makers, please enable us to just copy the texts on the alerts so we don’t have to manually type the ips when we try to check them out. thanks.

Hi eldard, welcome to the forums.

Sorry you’re having problems. That message is an OLE warning message from CFP, you should be able to Allow this remembered as Firefox & Word are not a direct risk by themselves. The IPs you’re checking are not actually associated with the OLE warning directly. After you performed the cut ‘n’ paste, CFP warned you when the next Internet related action took place involving Firefox. It is highly likely that the IPs are related to Firefox (tool bars, add-ons, etc…) rather than Word or the Firefox/Word relationship.

Well this is Office 2007. Perhaps there are unknown risks as Microsoft has laughable credibility when it comes to security. (:TNG)