Comodo Fire wall Disappearing from Laptop

I noticed a couple of weeks back that Comodo Fire wall seems to disappear from my laptop. I have a short cut on my desktop when i’m clicking on it i get the message ‘windows searching for cistray.exe. To locate this file yourself click browse’.

I have removed comodo completely several times and re installed it. Every time i reinstall, things are fine, i can open comodo no problem. I can shut down pc start up agani and it’s ok. When i go back on to laptop a couple of days later i’m having trouble.

I have Comodo on my main laptop and have no problems. It’s only in the last couple of weeks i’ve noticed this on my travel laptop.

Any thoughts

Does this only happen to Comodo Firewall?

Did you check the installation folders of the firewall to see if its files are still there when it happened? What version of Comodo do you have installed on what version of Windows?

Sorry for not getting back sooner.

It seems to install ok initialy. I can shut down and start back up and it’s ok. This is not my day to day laptop. It’s when i start up maybe a couple of days later the problems start.

The Comodo icon has disappeared from the taskbar, There is a shortcut still on the desk top but as i said above shortcut not being recognized. If i go into the control panel to programs, the icon still appears there but it’s not the bright red it should be but pale white which suggests to me there is something wrong.

I am downloading Comodo from the Comodo site so got to assume it’s up to date.

There still appears to be a folder in program files but unsure what i’m looking for in there. What i have noticed which i’ve not noticed before are 3 similar files, program files, program files (x86) and program data.

Not sure if this is any help.

I’ve reverted back to windows own firewall in the mean time.

Can you see if you see cis.exe and cmdagent.exe in the Program Files folder when it has disappeared? If so trying executing cis.exe and when it has started let CIS run Diagnostics. Diagnostics can be found under the question mark in the upper right corner under Support.