Comodo finds virus in blocklistpro's blocklist manager installation exe

i recently download blocklistpro’s blocklist manager but Comodo’s CIS 3.9.95478.509 with latest udates found this virus - Application.Win32.BLM.~A8800800

Here is the url for that file

can anybody confirm this? is it really a virus or just a false +ve?

Technically it’s not a FP, I would say it could be considered an unwanted application because it could be used to do part scans and such. So the definition says it all “application.Windows32.BlackListMananger”, check it out so if you want to use it just add to exclusion or my own safe files.

then can I use this block list manager without any danger to my pc? or is this a problem? ???

I personally prefer peerguardian2 Solana Compass: Solana Staking, TPS Performance Statistics, Validator + More if you want to protect yourself from different IP addresses and it is also not listed in any antivirus as a unwanted program. ;D