Comodo Finding Fault That Doesn't Exist!!!

Hi all,

I am a keen poker player and have downloaded a number of poker sites that I play at. All work fine.

However, last month I tried to DL Betfair poker (http:\ for a tournament and something weird has happened. When I went to install the software, Comodo said it had found the trojan virus EMAIL-WORM.WIN32.WAREZOV.DO and quarantined the file - the location of which was C:\PROGRAM FILES\BETFAIR\BETFAIR POKER\FILEPILE3.DAT.

The software would not load and cited an error with filepile3.dat (obviously as Comdo AV had quarantined it).


Betfair say their software is virus free and that people DL it daily with no complaints and so the assistant advised I OVERRIDE my Comodo AV as it must be a mistake. Well I did and the poker software worked fine. But I had all kinds of .exes trying to access the internet and one in particular, just called “.exe” froze my internet connection, causing me to lose connection to my poker rooms mid game. And this is not fun when there is money at stake! After much messing about for a few days, constantly deleting it, removing it as best as I could, it seemed to go away and I have bene trouble free.

I have now come to DL the software again and the same thing has occured. Once more, Betfair say it isn’t them but I went to visit my mum and tried on her PC, which is also protected by Comodo, and I got the same problem as I do on my PC. The same virus, in the same location, is identified and prevented from running.

Comodo picks up the SAME virus on TWO individual machines yet this is a multi million dollar, blue chip company whose customers have no problem at all.

What is going on? Who is right?


I ahve missed 2 very important tournaments already! More than that - it’s bizarre!

I have the same problem…!

Gwei are you using CAV 2.0 BETA?