Comodo Feedback is Fraud

I been using Comodo Internet Security for some time now. I had very high views of Comodo and used to send Error Report to Comodo in so that the product could be improved. I never knew what happened to the emails files that I sent…but Lo and Behold: I installed Thunderbird for my mail and en able the “request read receipt” option.

After a few days when my Comodo Update crashed, being a loyal user, I sent the Error Report using Thunderbird. I am pasting the result of my email and the attention Comodo pays to it (this is a “Not Read Report” which means Comodo deleted my mail without reading it!! I was shocked as I did not expect this attitude from a company which claims to make our computers safe. The “Not Read Report” is as follows;

from Natalia Chorba
sender time Sent at 4:14 PM (GMT+02:00). Current time there: 20:19. ✆
to “M. Adnan”
date 20 December 2010 16:14
subject Not read: Bug report for cfpupdat.exe

Your message

Subject:  Bug report for cfpupdat.exe
Sent:  20.12.2010 11:23

was deleted on 20.12.2010 15:12.

Hello drmadnan,

My sincere apology that you are having difficulties.

Also, if you wish to get a quick response you may post your bug report here in the forums by following this link

or Opening a support Ticket here

Click Submit a ticket > Select CIS Pro


We already responded to your post Mohammad Facebook .

we said: everything is read. those alerts cannot tell if an email is read or not if the email is opened by some other applications.


Hi Drmadnan. I couldn’t help but notice your Topic Subject is about Fraud. Fraud is generally intentional deception used for personal gain, I’m in no way able to see that this would be the case with Comodo. IMO theTopic Subject is a bit misleading and could be taken the wrong way. I am sure Comodo would much prefer to help its users in anyway not deceive. I hope the issue gets sorted out for you and wish you the very best. Kind regards.

Not to mention that the person on the receiving end of the message is given notice that a read request has been made, and does the user wish to send one?

So really, read requests don’t mean much.

It has been said twice so far and I’m going to third it. The read reports don’t know everything. If you seriously think that they don’t read what you send them, then how do you think they stay so up-to-date? How have you stayed protected the entire time that you have been using comodo?

Well they don’t mince words, I like the candidness the up frontness about the
auto reply. You know they couldn’t be more forthright or truthful, pretty rare. STILL! pretty funny:)
Not Read

and this one was the best part! :smiley:

was deleted on 20.12.2010 15:12.