Comodo false positives with Cyberlink Powerdvd

Why is it that Comodo antivirus hates Cyberlinks Powerdvd? I have always had a lot of false positives when updating Powerdvd. And even though I told Comodo antivirus to ignore these false positives, I can´t run Powerdvd anymore, it just crashes as soon as I start it. This was the reason I uninstalled Comodo on my family computer the last time, but I was hoping that version 3.10 would solve this, but it didn´t.

Yes, sadly CIS 3.9 or higher don’t seem to like PowerDVD (8 and 9). If you have problems to start PowerDVD with CIS installed, exclude it from Image Execution Settings.

p.s. to the developers: It’s not very proffessional to exclude one of the most used Muldimedia Player from running flawlessly with “out of the box” settings. And you had much time to fix this behaviour…


Well it didn´t help to exclude it from Image Execution Settings for me. This is not good at all. I really think this should be fixed very soon by the Comodo team, otherwise I have no other choice than to uninstall Comodo, and that would be a shame since I really like CIS… :frowning:

OK - while in 3.9 I was able to exclude powerdvd8.exe from image execution control with the result that powerdvd runs, this isn’t possible with 3.10 anymore (I can add it to the exclusion-list but powerdvd crashes when I try to start a DVD).

Sorry guys - the “sloppy” QA and bugtesting at comodo let me come to the conclusion that it’s better to wait for 4.0 (perhaps the main-team doesn’t work at 3.x since 3.8 because of the upcoming release of 4.0?).

I hope this version will have less huge bugs like the version 3.9 and later.

Greetings and I hope you’ll return to your flawless work which you did from CPF 2.4 until CIS 3.8.


Please Report FP


For your info I am using CIS 3.10 and can run Power DVD 9 without any problem. Standard install. Even Proactive mode causes no roblem.

Scanning program folder Cyberlink/Power DVD results in 4061 clean files.

Well , after I did a clean install of Powerdvd and it now works fine! O0

Should have done this befire I started to complain, sorry… 88)

Hey guys, first post, after having a disastrous day yesterday.

To cut the story short, after updating my Comodo to the latest version here, I was having all kinds of problems, on both of my machines.

Firstly, on my main rig, after the update installed, Daemon Tools refused to start any more, saying I needed a newer version of SPTD. It is an old version I run (4.08), but it does all I need it do, and it’s always worked, so never saw the need to change.

So anyway, after a few attempts at getting it going, I installed the latest version, and that worked… even though it seems that even Daemon Tools is getting a little bloaty now, with tool bars and such.

So, I also upgraded my PowerDVD to PowerDVD9. I couldn’t get it to run.

Vista would just crash on me, the problem being reported as DVD_X.imp as I remember.

So much faffing about later, and installing patches, and uninstalling and reinstalling, I couldn’t get it going.
I went to check my laptop, as that already had PowerDVD 9 on it, and that still worked perfectly.
(both systems running Vista)

So then Comodo updated on the laptop too, and what do you know, PowerDVD crashes every time I try to start it. A slightly different file being reported as the problem, this time being BDRE_X.imp

My laptop was running the 1530 patch, so I updated it to the newest 1719 patch, but still no go.
Again, I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, and it wouldn’t play, despite running fine in the past.
Well obviously I realised it was the Comodo update causing the problem here, as it’s all I changed.

So in the end, I used system restore to go back to yesterday morning.
The process of doing this had broken PowerDVD, half the files were missing, I guess it had removed the files replaced by the patch, but never mind, I just reapplied the patch again, and PowerDVD 9 works fine, and I’ve left Comodo at the older version.

I did the same on my main PC, and again, PowerDVD9 runs fine.
So I’m not going to be downloading the Comodo update again for a while. I may leave it a few months and try again, but I’ve lost faith in it now. The system restore also brought back my old Daemon Tools, which works perfectly again, so I think I’ll just leave it as I am.

What’s more annoying, is I have Defense Plus and all this stuff disabled. I have no need for it.
All I wanted from Comodo, is for it to block and notify me about each program that attempts to access the internet, which is does well. I can then block, or allow, and set it to remember, and that’s brilliant, it’s all I need from it. So I don’t know why Comodo blocked Daemon Tools and PowerDVD from running, when “proactive defense” is set to disabled, and only the firewall is on.

It was nice to find this thread though, so I knew it wasn’t only me.
To be honest, it didn’t immediately occur to me that the update to my firewall program was preventing my applications from launching. Firstly Daemon Tools, and later PowerDVD. I wasn’t aware it was scanning or blocking programs at all with Defense Plus disabled, so I’m a little annoyed at that. It also took me a little while to realise it was Comodo causing the problem, because even right clicking the icon and exiting the program didn’t make any difference, and PowerDVD still failed to launch! Yet, especially on the laptop, where PowerDVD was functioning fine until I updated Comodo, there’s nothing else it could’ve been.

I’m happy for the users here, that uninstalling and reinstalling fixed your problems.
It most certainly didn’t here, I did that a couple of times, and tried patching PowerDVD, on both machines, and couldn’t get it running with the latest Comodo on there.

I’ll be more cautious next time an update comes out for Comodo. As I said, I had no idea it was even scanning and blocking my apps from running. I thought with Defense disabled, it would be disabled.
I like the firewall part of it, it’s a shame I couldn’t JUST have the firewall application on its own.

Anyway, thanks for reading, it’s all working again now, thanks to System Restore in this case, and I’ll just have to stick with this older version of Comodo, until they can make it work properly with the older Daemon Tools, and especially PowerDVD9. I’m not sure why uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t fix it for me, when it did for some of you guys, but it certainly didn’t, on either machine.


I have reported these FP’s long time ago and send every freaking file that caused FP’s in PowerDVD to Comodo and apparently those FP’s are not fixed. -_- I recommend people to use other anti-virus software and disable D+ especially if you have x64 os. Firewall works great but CIS x64 D+ causes only problems and AV gives too much false positives. I’ll try again hopefully with better luck next time after 6 months.

Buffer overflow protection causes PowerDVD8 and 9 not to launch properly and you won’t be able to play any file.

Have you tried to reinstall Powerdvd after installing CIS? That actually solved the problem for me.

Yeah, and that caused my system to lock up when it showed false positive. Its’ that buf that freezes your whole system if you run x64 OS. Had to manually go through registry to fix that mess.

I have tried many solutions to get PDVD 9 works before I found that CIS Firewall that cause all the problem. Actually CIS 3.10 works really good with x32 OS like Win7, Vista, XP SP2. I have tried them all with CIS 3.10 and P DVD 9, works great.
The problem here is P DVD 9 and CIS 3.10 won’t work together in Win 7 x64. Not any settings or installation methods will fix it.
It’s sad that I have to give up CIS and tried another firewall. I will check back next 3 month to see if anything changes.