COMODO fails PCFlankLeaktest.exe

I have been using COMODO Internet Security for a couple of weeks now.

At the start CIS passed the PCFlank Leaktest but I think at some point I submitted it to COMODO for evaluation. I did NOT ask COMODO to remember to allow or block the result in the future.

Now when I try it COMODO fails the test.

I have uninstalled COMODO and reinstalled. It passes the first leak test then fails to notice it when tested again.

PCFlankLeaktest.exe is automatically put into My Own Safe File List. When I delete it, it just reappears back in the list

In Defence+ Events it lists PCFlankLeaktest.exe as “Scanned Online and Found Safe”

Something very wrong here. This file is clearly some sort of trojan and should NOT have been scanned and found SAFE.

I see that this test has caused COMODO problems over many years.

What’s going on ??

You have only a sandbox/defense+ issue, not a comodo one.

I just downloaded and succesfully ran the test (cis v3) but of course i gave no other permission then temporary one for leaktest and for the first ie test inside it.

Please note that pcflank leaktest is more than basic, as it only tries to bypass your firewall by sending a random message through ie.

Use rather:
-tests provided by foundstone: Antivirus, VPN, Identity & Privacy Protection | McAfee
-Comprehensive suite of tests as from: Downloadable Security Tests Web Testing Firewall Security Software
-ssts if you are an expert:

OK thanks for correcting me… so I have a sandbox/defense+ issue, not a comodo one. I am new to this and haven’t learnt the proper lingo and abreviations.

It would seem that my defense+ is working different to yours.

Why should that be possible. I have never “allowed” this program and now defense+ is automatically allowing it through.

I was interested in the links you gave and tried COMODO ICMP Firewall leaktest
from Downloadable Security Tests Web Testing Firewall Security Software

With IP as it suggested it promptly failed ICMP test 2. COMODO CIS did not respond at all.

I don’t know what this means. Perhaps you can say.

Maybe my installation is broke, but I did an uninstall/reinstall only an hour or so before my first post.

I don’t know what has changed but I have just tried PCFlankLeaktest.exe again and it sandboxes it immediately every time. It says it cannot remove it tho.

Thats more like it !

Now in Defence+ Events it says “scanned online and found malicious” instead of “safe” as in my first post.

Maybe someone at COMODO has given their server (or whatever) a boot :slight_smile:

COT.exe is showing as “scanned online and found safe” ??? so you might like to give the server another boot ;D