Comodo FAILS Leak Test. How to solve this problem?? Someone please help.

I just did a firewall leak test by Comodo’s firewall leak test software and my score was 200/330 which is extremely bad. The tests the firewall failed are–

RootkitInstallation: ChangeDrvPath
Invasion: RawDisk
Invasion: FileDrop
Injection: SetWinEventHook
Injection: SetWindowsHookEx
Injection: Services
Injection: KnownDlls
Impersonation: ExplorerAsParent
Impersonation: DDE
Hijacking: SupersedeServiceDll
Hijacking: StartupPrograms
Hijacking: AppinitDlls

How do I configure Comodo to pass these test and secure my PC?

Or should I get better firewalls? (Like Zonealarm or Kire Winroute)? Someone please help.

If I have it configured to proactive mode, my score is 320/330. But should I keep it to proactive mode to configure it back to firewall security mode? Which one will give me the best security?

As far as I tested the only way is to configure CIS to set the leak test app to Isolated Mode.
(Not even Sandbox fully resist these leak tests, I think I got 310/340)
See my thread, I got even worse results ???

proactive mode … Disable sandbox … will give ya 100 % protection

However , when sandbox is enabled you get 310 because the sandboxed application ( unfortunately ) can easily run both explorer.exe and iexplorer.exe or any other prefered browser

in conclusion , switch the sandbox off, and get the full protection ;D

I have Comodo FW in Windows 7, I tried CLT.exe and I got 320/320 but with other system where i have Windows Xp pro with Comodo FW configured as Firewall security i get 0/320 ??? but very surprising. Any one can suggest me how to handle this???

this is how you do it with sandbox enabled. Change CIS to proactive. Then go to the firewall stealth port wizard and select “alert to incoming connections…”. Then go to the sandbox settings and uncheck " automatically detect installers/updaters…" now rerun and you should get 340/340.