Comodo failed the latest VB100 test (october 2011)

Comodo antivirus failed the latest VB100 test from October 2011. It missed 1 ITW malware:

This is rather odd given the fact Comodo adds more than 50.000 new signatures per day. How could you miss an ITW virus? :frowning:

What does Comodo have to say about this?
What happened to the fact of doing the AV more friendly to all this tests?

Fail after fail

CAV is well known for FPs. Nothing new.

Gee, I’m not gonna use CIS any more cause it failed VB100. >:-D
;D 88)

It will not protect me in real life cause its AV sucks, sandbox is full of holes and D+ is easily bypassed by many malware. >:-D
;D 88)

And its free…how can it be good then…cause everybody know that free is garbage, right? >:-D
;D 88)

BTW, Emsisoft also failed it…and for me, it’s the best thing after CIS… :-TU

failed VB100…i dont care…CIS never failed me…it is what i care.




comodo only

Comodo 10605 2011.10.30 TrojWare.Win32.Trojan.Agent.Gen


C:\Documents and Settings\Roger\桌面\virus\lecteur_flash_player\FLSH.7z|FLSH.EXE

FVS report:


But it is in the white list.

Move this FP submission to proper topic.

Actually your sarcasm its based on true facts… so its hard to say if you are being sarcastic or being real. :wink:

yeah, for me Comodo and Emsi are the 2 best on the market actually too … but i see it like w-e-v … for me its no sarcasm, cause the holes in CIS are real and must fastly fixed i think. i am not interested in VB100 …cause for me its not the real view of Malwareattacks … if FP´s thats interest ok … but missing 1 IWV??? i think if they open this IWV CIS will also block it! And in tests on Youtube videos we see so often how other Security Vendors fails too and they have over 50 VB100 :wink: … so … i hope only the Comodo Team will fastly fix the known problems :slight_smile:

Well said. Thats all I am looking for. COMODO Fixing the holes (without the need to wait for vervion 6.0).
Thats the best way to protect COMODO users. Reality its: CIS has holes, they must be fixed.

End of story.

True reality is, every security program no matter how good will have holes. Fixing them isn’t always the option as doing so can lower compatibility with other programs and system stability. There has to be a balance. Now with that said, new 0 day exploits should be fixed as soon when the fix is made stable and compatible with other programs. What good is fixing a Exploit if it will crash half the machines that have CIS?

CIS 6.0 has been in the works for some time now and as far as I know it will be the next CIS release.

This time it was an ITW virus missed, not FPs.

Comodo failed man whatta shame :wink:

I don’t mind FP’s if they aren’t on system files. You can always restore files later. I do mind missing malware however. That’s something you can’t easily recover from…

Inactive malware sitting on your PC is not an infection. Who says D+ or SB wouldn’t take care of it?

I strongly agree with RejZoR :wink:

Only 1 wildlist miss that’s fairly honorable defeat…

Tell that to BitDefender… lets see if they agree. :wink: