Comodo extends lead to 35.6% Symantec market share drops to all time low 31.9%

Comodo extends its lead to 35.6% of the market while Symantec market share drops to all time low of 31.9%

Congrats :slight_smile:

A great company that deserve respect :-TU

:-TU for Comodo.

I’m interested to know if Comodo is actually gaining customers or if their market share is only going up because Symantec is losing customers? Or of course if it’s a mixture.

Either way congrats. :-TU

Comodo is gaining customers.

Congratulations Melih. That’s a big accomplishment.

This will happen with excellent products.

Keep it up.


1 April – 6 June 2015:
Symantec Group, DigiCert, StartCom, Entrust, Verizon, Trustwave, Secom Trust, Unizeto: ±0
Go Daddy Group, GlobalSign: +0,1
Comodo: +0,4
None: –1,0

So, None is the one losing the most sites, which is indeed great, and giving Comodo (more than any other CA) lots of new customers.

Now 40,0 %: