Comodo EV SGC We Need Help on Validation Translated


Order number # 10594951 Today our company’s web site through eNom dealership the Comodo EV SGC applied for. Naturally, the knowledge used during the order registered at eNom database.

Shortly after the “Domain Control Validation for *” on an e-mail received and sent to the code entered by clicking on the link.

Once this is done after a period of “Information Required: Order 10594951 for '” We received an e-mail more, and similar information, whether the phone number in this message that says, and explains what you need to do to verify that there is a long list of 6 items.

  • All companies in the natural documents Turkish, Approval by the notary to you “Legal Opinion Letter,” a sworn interpreter çevirtmemiz reason for them to send the application form.
  • “Legal Opinion Letter” in the application form and the Notary Public it will need to provide a sworn tercüman’a send and translate to Turkish.

Translator + notary fee in all these processes, we will create an expense as a solid … We documents company (tax certificate, business registration certificate, trade gazette), the company’s credentials (certificate of birth, signature circular), fill out the Request Form and submit the Subscriber Agreement’ı Does enough for this verification?

We need to do when there are sufficient if you tell me about all the processes in a practical manner in Turkish.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Burak Ergin
Grikare Telekom Ltd.Şti.

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