Comodo EV Code Sign Certificate : Where should I buy from?


I am in need of a EV Code Signing Certificate. Seems like there are lot of different options with lot of different price points for same certificate. My question is, where should I buy it from ?

I found the cheapest EV Code Signing Certificate available from Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate at $149.99 | SignMyCode - Anyone has experience to share from this site?

I just want to share my update. It was awesome experience with them and I received Thalesgroup token on time with this site. Posting here if anyone has same requirement. It was cheapest ev code signing I have bought till date :smiley:

I agree with you bigcoder, :-TU I have just purchased the EV Code Signing Certificate from SignMyCode, and I am happy with the price which I got. It’s the cheapest ever! Friends, anyone who wants to Buy EV Code Signing Certificate for your code, Go for it without any doubt at Buy Cheapest EV Code Signing Certificates at $149.99 - SignMyCode

So Happy to Buy and Share with you!

Finding the best Comodo EV code signing certificate depends on your budget and needs. Price-savvy developers can score deals through authorized resellers and you can compare all Cheap Code Signing Certificates. Consider features like validation level (EV for green address bar), validity period, and additional services like document signing. Don’t forget to research the reseller’s reputation and support quality before diving in. Ultimately, compare quotes, read terms, and choose the certificate that fits your needs and budget

I have purchased Comodo Code Signing certificate for my client application from SSL2BUY.

Price is similar like other providers but Customer support is world class. I never received this type of professional and instant support from any company in my whole life.

So i suggest you to try SSL2BUY for your next purchase or renewal.

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I am renewing and I am more concerned about time, so I chose [Gworg]( to apply for a code signing certificate because it was obtained quickly by EV and it is convenient without the need for paper materials.

You can buy a Comodo EV code signing certificate from trusted resellers who can also support you.

You can get a cheap Code Signing Certificate at ClickSSL

Hello BigCoder,

While the information may be subject to change, Comodo is now Sectigo (If I am not mistaken) EV Code Signing Certificates are normally available from authorized resellers or directly from Sectigo.

There are many Code Sign Certificate provider in the market.
Check the list: