Comodo Error

I’m Having problems with my comodo internet security. Help me?
I was able to screen-cap the error.
I’m using windows xp 32 bit.

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Hi and welcome nichodo,
What is your version CIS and the Database version?
Check More, About.
Also run diagnostics to check for installation errors…

First of all, thanks.

2nd my version of Comodo Internet Security Premium is:
Version: 5.12.55693.2551
(I went to the add/remove programs list in my control panel.)
3rd i don’t know what the database version is.

The database version can be found under the about section, as mentioned by captainsticks. It is given in the same place where the full version number is listed.

Can you please let us know what the database number is?

Also, can you please provide more details about what the problem is which you are experiencing? The more details you provide the more likely we can assist you.

Thank you.

I cant access the about section becaus the program itself cant start because of its error connecting to its database.

Your best option may be to uninstall that version and re-install it. Please follow the advice I give in this post when reinstalling it.

This should ensure that any problems from the previous version will not carry over to the new one.


Its working now.

Glad to hear that. :-TU

Please let us know if you run into any other problems.