Comodo Error Report

After the last update of COMODO Firewall, I get an error message at each diagnosis.
I’ve tried to reinstall COMODO several times, but the error remains.

I’ve also noticed that virtualization no longer supports the copy/paste of the text between real and virtualized applications.

I attach the report


This is due to server side problem as described here.

Yes, this is to protect against clipboard based exploit. Some usability changes are coming up in next release providing some option to control this behavior.


Thanks for the answer yesterday, another problem that I have encountered, sometimes when I restart the PC, Windows tells me that the firewall is disabled, and to make it work I must disable and re-enable it manually. Because I uses the Fast startup of windows, this only occurs if I restart my PC and not with a cold boot.

Hello . I installed a fresh version of the CIS, updated and ran diagnostics for testing and it showed that everything is bad … I collected a report and sent it to you.

Known issue that will be fixed with next release. Due note no real problem with your install as it reports a failure when it can’t connect to FLS using TCP.