Comodo Endpoint Security Manager version 3 - Release candidate now available


We are immensely pleased to offer to you the latest version of CESM 3, our ground-breaking endpoint management solution.

Why is it so great? Well, to list the top 20 items our testers have loved so far:-

  1. New browser-based panorama-style user interface compatible with touch-screen computers displays greater amount of Endpoints.
  2. Real-time display of 12 Endpoint statistics allows administrators “first-glance” view of pending issues.
  3. Newly added ability to view and manage:
  • Endpoint’s logged on user
  • Endpoint’s Operating System, OS version and Service Pack information;
  • Endpoint’s CPU/RAM & Drive metrics;
  • Endpoint’s network metrics;
  • Whether Endpoint requires a restart (following automatic Windows Updates);
  • Endpoint’s running services and processes with ability to stop/start services or terminate running processes;
  • Endpoint’s installed applications and ability to uninstall .msi based applications;
  • Endpoint’s disk drives, ability to discover 10 largest files consuming disk space and delete selected files
  1. Centralized management of network-wide applications
  2. Browse endpoint Windows Event logs
  3. Browse remote endpoint’s file-system to whitelist applications
  4. Newly added ability to manage power options and USB/device availability via policies.
  5. Reboot remote machine’s from the administrative console.
  6. Shared-session access to Endpoint’s desktop via remote viewer.
  7. Manage multiple ESM servers – from one central ESM server
  8. Integration with the latest Comodo Internet Security 2013 software.
  9. Experimental support for .deb distributions of Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint) – Agent only.
  10. Experimental support for Mac OSX – Agent only.

Grab a copy of ESM 3 here Shopping Cart and see for yourself why our beta-testers can’t wait for our release-to-market version. There is more info here Advanced Endpoint Security 3, LAN Endpoint Security Software for Windows, Mac OSx, Linux, CESM 3.0 – COMODO

Special thanks go to:-
Dmitry K, Alex G, Denis M and the rest of the ESM crew. All I can say guys is “Wow!”
Slava, we could not have done this without you
Velu and Merter, thank you for burning all that midnight oil
Bogdan, Bogdan, Cip & Alex, I will try to send fewer IMs from here on out,
Egemen, thanks for the assist
Kevin G, sorry for all the grey hairs
…and last but not least…
The big boss, Melih, thank you for your patience, from TIA

Please contact us and let us know what you think (I suspect you’re gonna love it)

Kind regards,

excellent work guys!

I think I’ll have to take a look at this one, looks very promising :-TU

Nice. Saw the Facebook post about the update

Just the amazing GUI is worth using this product for!! its simply awesome!!!

It’s the result that counts tough, low on maintenance and high on prevention :wink:
Who can post a nice screenshot of it then?

Installing Framework 4.5 here at the moment to use it .

Yes, as somebody else requested: a couple of screenshots would have been interesting :a0

Best wishes,

This product its just getting into the right direction. Its really awsome!


As requested-

Please note this screeny doesn’t display the usernames and the UI has changed just a tad…



[attachment deleted by admin]

What about windows 8 support?

We have the ESM agent and the CIS 6 agent running on 2 Windows 8 machines in our demo environment :slight_smile:

Installed just now. Thanks “Jane” from GeekBuddy team for helping me.

Great new product is evolving…

Thanks a lot to COMODO team for developing such a product.

I am creating a separate topic for my comments.

Using the link posted above, I get:

Failed create new Invoice - Cannot buy free product


That means you have already used that email address to download a previous free product. Please let me know what happens if you use a different email address.

Kind regards,

Same problem. New email let me obtain the new licence and download link. Used 3 new addresses to upgrade from 2.0 - for 2.1, 3.0 RC1, 3.0 RC2.


Please could you try using an email address not used before to download Endpoint Security Manager products and let us know what happens?


When I use New Client / new email & password - everything OK.
If I try existing account (even created for CESM 3.0 RC1 to download RC2), then I got error
Failed create new Invoice - Cannot buy free product
So I already have 4 Comodo accounts (and 3 working licenses for CESM 2.1 & 3.0).

Best regards,


What’s happening there is that the accounts database in the back-end is “realizing” that you are already subscribed for a free product.

If you browse to Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account and login using one of your existing credentials are you offered Endpoint Security Manager in the list “Sign Up to…”


There is no “Sign up to CESM” in the list. There is download link for CESM 2.1 in 2.1 account and link for CESM 3.0 in 3.0 account. It points to last RC, so I created one unnessary account. Hope that final version will be there when released.