Comodo email certificate

I installed the Comodo free email certificate, using this link: Free Secure Email Certificate with Digital Signature 2022. It worked like a charm. I can sign and encrypt messages to myself, using Outlook and Outlook Express. (Yes, I still use Outlook Express and love it and it works.)

However, twice now I have tried to get friends to use it also, so we can start using secure email together, and they both ran into problems. One of them got stuck on this page:

Has anyone tried this on MacOS? I use Windows myself, and both my friends that were having issues were using MacOS. I use Firefox and I got both of them to try Firefox also, since that worked for me, but still no dice. I’m not sure how to help them, since I don’t use MacOS myself.


I have noticed the same issue with Apple iPads and iPhones, even if the Outlook client is installed on the iPad. >:(


Maybe this will help:


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Thank you very much - that works perfectly on my system.

The only remaining glitch is that, unless the recipient has also enabled S/MIME on their IOS device, then the certification status is not shown

Once again, very many thanks for a prompt and professional reply.