Comodo EasyVPN Wishlist

Will the option to fit to window be included in future releases? It would be very nice to have this so you do not have to scroll to see different parts of the desktop you are controlling. :frowning:

Please post here your wishes !

Give the nudge a sound please ;D


Add the ability to “Sign in as…” busy, offline, unavailable, etc. Like MSN does. Currently, these options are only available after you log in.

Please make eVPN able to transmit sound and add support for the mouse wheel when using Remote Desktop. ;D


Make remote desktop Performance setting automatic, and maybe shrink the video of the desktop.

many simular program uses 256 bits encryption
easyvpn uses 128 why? and will it always only be 128?

Hi! I’m not sure if i’m posting to the right topic - i haven’t found any other wish list topic, and this one looks kinda abandoned… So i’m sorry if i missed the right place to post my list =) Which, by the way, is:

  1. Turning smilies on/off (some people just prefer to see text smilies =) )
  2. Memorizing which tab - contacts or networks - was opened before turning the program off. Or checkbox in settings which tab to open after start - anyway, i use networks tab much more often, and all my sessions with easyVPN start with switching to it =)
  3. Memorizing height of the network chat window - it’s annoying to resize it after every system reboot

P.S. Sorry for possible mistakes - English is not my main language, so my writing can suck here and there :wink:

Digitially sign the VPN driver.

3 more little pleasant features:

  1. make it possible to choose color with particular RGB in font customize dialog
  2. use one font settings for all my chats - it’s annoying to customize it for every single contact
  3. “don’t use contacts’ fonts in chat” checkbox - it would be nice to be able to display all the messages using one font. Maybe it makes sense to let user select 2 different fonts - for own messages and for other messages.

Hello all,

I have recently been searching for an alternative to Hamachi. After their new version, things just went down the drain. Their reliability went down and some features were removed. So after going through and testing many different free VPN P2P software, I finally came across EasyVPN. I think it is one of the best, however for it to be the best I have some suggestions.

What I like about EasyVPN

  1. Easy to use (zero configuration)
  2. Free! :smiley:
  3. Nice user interface
  4. The extra features that are included with messaging (emotes, size, font, nudge…)
  5. File sharing!
  6. Sounds
  7. The ability to invite specific people to one chat
    8 ) Offline messaging
  8. Online notifications
  9. Personal Picture
  10. Contacts
  11. Unlimited network members

What I would like improved/added to EasyVPN

  1. Custom statuses
  2. Announcements and welcoming messages
  3. More Administration over the networks (eg. Banning members)
  4. I like how Hamachi deals with the messages. When someone sends you a message, the icon flashes and a balloon that says: “A message from …” displays. To open the chat box you would click the flashing icon. In easyVPN when you recieve a message the window just pops up. That can be annoying.
  5. Improve the time it takes to open the options window
  6. More/better use of personal picture. Currently I like how it is used for online notifications and contacts. However, I think it should be used better in the chat window. Currently, there is an option that allows you to display the picture, but all it does is display the pictures. I think there should be at least the name. It should also somehow be integrated into the actual networks. (A thought would be the picture displays on mouse over) Because currently, all the options that exist to show the picture all have to be activated by you. My whole point is that it should just be shown automatically in an appropriate place.
  7. Remove the 500 byte copy and paste limit and message limits
    8 ) More information in the contacts (For example, interests, birthday, personal description, what you like, don’t like)
  8. Ranks. VPN P2P software usually have the concept of networks. The ability to have different levels of priveledges and ranks. As well the concept of network owner/owners. What I have in mind is using the product in a business environment.
  9. The ability to hide your contact information from certain people
  10. A central location you can manage all the computers on your network such as the web based option in Hamachi
  11. Improve font option in chat (Such as more like Microsoft Word) and the ability to add more smilies.
  12. The encryption is only 128 bit
  13. Options screen loads slow
  14. Smilies stop appearing during a conversation.

Right now it looks like EasyVPN is heading the right direction. I see that pretty soon it will be 100% better than Hamachi. I, however have not tested EasyVPN with gaming yet, when I do so, I will update this post. I think that if Hamachi and EasyVPN were combined we would have a master product. I noticed in network connections on my computer that Hamachi’s speed is 100 mbs while EasyVPN’s is 2 GPS. Is that really EasyVPN’s speed?

If any of you have any features/ improvements you would like to add or would like to add things to the list of things you like about EasyVPN, please reply and I will add it to my list. I focused a lot on the messaging aspect of EasyVPN, feel free to add the technical, gaming and networking aspects of EasyVPN. I would like this to eventually be a post with a list of all the features we want. Feedback on my list is appreciated.

Please vote on which of the above improvements and changes you would like. Remember, the more votes, the higher the chance we can get it. I will be keeping a tally below

  1. 1 Vote
    2. 1 Vote
    3. 1 Vote
    4. 1 Vote
    5. 1 Vote
    6. 1 Vote
    7. 1 Vote
    8. 1 Vote
    9. 1 Vote
    10.1 Vote
    11.1 Vote
    12.1 Vote
    13.1 Vote
    14.1 Vote
    15.1 Vote

Note: If you would like to test the program with me, feel free to add me: Weilan.

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We should be able to set if we want Easy VPN start when windows start or not.
We should be able to don’t set First name and Last name (some would stay behind our nickname, in our interface too)
You can know all your informations while option “Only display my alias to others” is set when view details.
Tools windows takes 5 to 10 sec to appear.
A multilanguage version is required.

In chat, we may be able to send a file.
We should be able to enable a vocal chat.

For remote control, we should be able to run a remote file transfert
We should be able to set speed or quality or automatic
In a 100 mbit local area, remote control is slow

For vpn, it can be better than Hamachi, but for remote control, i stay to teamviewer.

Hi Shaoran,

We are already able to set if EasyVPN starts at startup under Tools > Options > General As well, you are able to send files through chat, it is the send button at the top. We are also able to set the speed or quality for remote control under Tools > Options > Desktop Control

As well, Im sorry, but I don’t really understand these points, can you please clarify, thanks?

We should be able to don't set First name and Last name (some would stay behind our nickname, in our interface too) You can know all your informations while option "Only display my alias to others" is set when view details.

I need some glasses …

In case you want to play with people you don’t know for example, you don’t want they know your real name.
But, if you go to options menu, you must enter your name and your last name.
There is an option to only show your alias.

Click on the name of someone in your contact list and select details, your name appears.

You can also use a wrong name, but, it’s more easy to disallow it or to be able to set nothing in the name options.

I need some glasses ....

Its all right, sometimes, we just miss things. But at least now you know. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for clarifying things. Yes, if you want to hide the name, you probably would also want to hide your email. I have added it to my list as number 10.

Thanks for contributing. Feel free to add more as you find.

I think if EasyVPN has an option to make it run as services so that the “server” don’t have to log-in windows to be able to connect the network.

I can do “run/start as a windows service” manually but it is easy for use if there is an option for that.

BAN or remove account from network is required because in many cases some account never connect for any purposes.

Options screen run quite slow. It seem that the information was loaded from server? It should load from ini file for faster loading.

This would restrict your settings to the local machine the INI file was on. If it is stored on a central server, your settings follow you, regardless of where you log in from.

Yes, it makes it slower, but yes, it’s for a reason.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It is possible to make the options menu load faster right? I don’t know maybe get it from the server but at start up for example, it will store it into an INI file. Then the options screen can load the data from INI?

Hey I am just wondering, does anybody here know when the next release of Easy VPN will be released? I’d love to test it out and give suggestions.

But that puts you at the mercy of the security settings of whatever PC you’re using at the time, with respect to whether thast PC can create new files (internet cafe, corporste PC etc.) and whether your personal setting are removed from that PC correctly at the end of the session.

I can see your point and also would like it to open quicker, just not at the sake of security.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> No ETA on the next version, but the EasyVPN team are reasonably regular at updating.

You know, that’s intresting. I never thought of it that way. Yes, that’s true. We wouldn’t want to reduce our security just for it to open faster.

Well, we could always hide the file and encrypt the data couldn’t we? Otherwise, we can just get the data to be sent faster. I mean, isn’t it just some information, it shouldn’t take that long to send, should it? What exactly is the problem? Hamachi is very similar and I don’t think they have this problem. What’s the difference between Hamachi and EasyVPN’s method of exchange of information?

hamachi have the same problem. it’s now on/with ver. 2.x as well it was in 1.x