Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released

Comodo EasyVPN Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use) from:

  • Please uninstall the previous version before installing the beta.

32 Bit Version:
Size: 12.6 MB
MD5: 880BCE8D1A368C37D1ABDEC13862A1C0
SHA1: 5D074B4821085F6AD1B0E7E8A1A312F7E3599CB5

64 Bit Version:
Size: 14.40 MB
MD5: C5DD84FF2A149AEE4A7F9D43B0C89A4F

Improve stability in this Beta release.

ADDED Option to maximize Chat window when app/web application starts.

FIXED EasyVPN crashes on Win 7 OS.
FIXED Can’t start with minimized windows if OS version higher than Vista.
FIXED EasyVPN crashes if sign out/exit when sending file.
FIXED Crashes after exiting main application if user never sign in.
FIXED Can’t connect when using YahooJAPAN protocol.
FIXED Disconnect Gtalk on X32 build may disconnect all accounts.
FIXED Account status may not change in time when user sign in on X64 build.
FIXED Windows flickers when app share starts.
FIXED MSN protocol could not transfer files.
FIXED Could not show contact’s avatar images in contact list for EasyVPN contacts.
FIXED Still shown ‘Double click to start’ even files are in transfer.
FIXED File transfer goes on even chat window is closed.
FIXED Some spelling mistakes.
FIXED Could not Reset Password.

Known issues:
Search user result displays only on-line contacts number while showing all contacts in list.
Cancel sending files fails with Yahoo/Gtalk account.
Turning Windows firewall on Win7 and Vista will break VPN connection.
Conference chat with empty network-group may crash this application.

Nice a new release, time to play :wink:

p.s. you forgot to “Sticky” the post.

Installed and trying out right now

Where is the “Close” button?

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so how do you guys like this version?


Loving it! Loving it! Loving it!

Putting a proposal forward at work to adopt as a standard RA tool.

:-TU :-TU :-TU

then you wil LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Comodo Unite when it comes out :slight_smile:


I can at last Replace MSN with eVPN :slight_smile: EVPN has taken a major jump forward with this beta :-TU :-TU ;D

what is Comodo Unite?

EVPN GA completed today.

Comodo Unite betas will hit this space very soon guys, around 3 weeks. :slight_smile:


What is Comodo Unite? Is it in any way or form related to Opera Unite? Or is it just the name that is the same?