Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released

Comodo EasyVPN Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use) from:

  • Please uninstall the previous version before installing the beta.

32 Bit Version:
Size: 9.74 MB
MD5: E190168A225BC2C1E1CA9652E92605E0
SHA1: 02950E6603E314196D7C354D2923FC53E4D4DD9C

64 Bit Version:
Size: 11.9 MB
MD5: 60C388FF44EFBE33DA5AA0762FA56C0C

Added X64 support
Added show contacts in their protocol as group.
FIXED Can’t start with minimized windows if OS version higher than Vista.

known issues:
Disconnect Gtalk on X32 build may disconnect all accounts.
Account status may not change in time when user sign in on X64 build.


Downloading now :wink:

Finally, DL, tY

It is asking for a license key?
Shouldn’t this have been included?

The key is only for commercial use.

There is no difference in the software at this point between personal and commercial use.

good work guys!

Thank You, Shane.

You got the selective reading bug too! I do it all the time. If you finish reading the window is says if this is for Personal Use hit close.

I would probably add a button that says “Personal” and have a grayed out “Next” until some text is filled-in on the key field.

lol. yes, agreed.

have not used in awhile(on win 7 64) but when remotely connecting to another pc does someone have to be on the other end to accept the connection or can you connect with a password or something?thanks

You can have them accept it with a prompt or just automatically connect with a password. Its all in options.

thanks thats good to hear

The very first connection between two stations, however, MUST be done manually.

how do you find out your facebook username?? It doesn’t seem to be working for me.

facebook chat requires a username, not your facebook e-mail address login. For more help please see here:


is easyvpn eventually going to change its gui to the red and black like CIS?

i guess nobody knows

It most likely will not change.