Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released

Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released

New Key features for this version

  • Improved Application Sharing
  • 3rd Party Instant Messaging support such as MSN, Facebook, AIM and ICQ.


is that the blue one Shane?


Hi Melih,

You are indeed correct.

The GUI has now a fresh new blue colour scheme.



Congratulations with the release. I will surely check out the new skin. :slight_smile:

When can we expect the x64 version?

Hi Shane,

Well done with the latest release, my skype account has intergrated seemlessly :slight_smile:

Due to my desktop set-up my personal opinion is I prefer the Red Skin ( although the new skin does look good  ;) ) are there any plans to make EVPN skinnable for personal preferences?

If not it’s still a great product and I’ve managed to assist my mother-in-law on several occassions without having to make the journey round in person :wink:

Keep up the good work :-TU

Now thats worth its weight in gold! EVPN used in helping reduce the face time with Mother in Laws!!! Great marketing angle if you ask me :slight_smile:


PS: Just joking <------(my disclaimer just in case my mother in law reads this) :slight_smile:

again, when can we expect the x64 version?

Hi Everyone,

Melih, funny :slight_smile:

We are planning the ability to select a colour for the GUI theme in the near future, next two or three GA releases.

We are looking into the x64 bit version now.


Any news on 64bit version or any releases??