Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released

Comodo EasyVPN Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use) from:

  • Please uninstall the previous version before installing the beta.

32 bit Version Only:

Size: 11.20 MB (11,792,688 bytes)
MD5: C1880848F39AEE44079AEEA1BB8F39F2
SHA1: A8D48B56A981966162A8F2AB551600D33E767851

Full release notes to follow shortly

New Key features for this version

  • Improved Application Sharing
  • 3rd Party Instant Messaging support such as MSN, Facebook, AIM and ICQ.

Note, facebook chat requires a username, not your facebook e-mail address login. For more help please see here:



Awesome!!! Been waiting for this for a while! Well done Guys! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Me too :slight_smile:

welldone guys!


How do I use the 3rd Party IM support Shane? Or have I gone blind. ???


Where is The linked file is version :-\

Hi Guys,

Our infra is checking over the upload now.

Seems the upload failed.

Will get back to you as soon as I can.


Hi Everyone,

Please accept my apologies for the file copy failure we experienced. The task has be executed again and the new version of EVPN is now finally available for download from the URL above.

To add 3rd party IM go to Tools->Options and “3th Party IM” (This should say “3rd Party IM”, developer typo)

We look forward to your feedback.


that explains why I couldn’t get it to work last night :slight_smile:

thanks Shane


is it 32 bit only now???

Ah, new upload now makes more sense. :-TU

Ive added Facebook Chat and MSN. One thing to be suggested though, especially for facebook chat, have an option to sort by “Who’s Online” - I personally have over 400 friends on facebook, and EasyPVN facebook chat sorts out everyone, From A-Z, offline or online, in one list, and it’s difficult to then see who is online (Gotta keep scrolling down to see who else is online in names starting with J, etc). Normally facebook web based chat would just view whos online or idle/ and does not display off line people (Example: 90 people online) instead of 400 names! Also the ability to enable and disable sign in/sign off notifications as well would be nice. :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion to prevent fatigue of scrolling down and down… But great release guys! Loving the new IM integrations.

I can connect to Skype only if Skype is running.

My Skype contacts appear off-line. I can send messages to Skype contacts, but I don’t receive any messages from them. I use Skype Portable, but updated to

Why does EasyVPN.exe constantly read from disk, and what does it read?


We shall soon find out. All 32-bit programs for the most part should install on 64-bit Operating Systems with ease.

nice work this is awesome (:AGL) :BNC

but there are few things “features” that will be awesome if you added to this piece of art and talent, like:

  • the ability to show contacts in different groups according to my accounts ie, grouping according to my registered accounts then sub-grouping according to the categories.

  • ability to show contact’s logos instead of status icons

  • ability to change skins

  • more smiles etc… on conservation window

note: please change the “send” button to “share” on the conservation window because it is tricky and make you think it is to just send what you wrote like other softwares.

thank you alot

this beta seems very stable and i really haven’t found many bugs besides whats listed below. sometimes the 3th party plugins disconnect but they usually come back online. oh and as to the comment below about having skins for it, that would just ■■■■ the size up and bloat the file leaving room for error. in my option, if you decide to use that then set up install as minimal and full for people who wish to exclude them.

I was unable to install it on my Vista x64 system. A 64-bit version would really be appreciated… which it took me 30 more secs to find. I swear my eyes sometimes blocks my view :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Triplejolt,

Please use the latest beta, Comodo EasyVPN

There is an x64 bit version:


Yeah. I found and installed the x64 version. Just had to lift my eyes a few inches further up :slight_smile: