Comodo EasyVPN Beta Released.

Comodo EasyVPN Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use) from:

  • Please uninstall the previous version before installing the beta.

32 bit version:
Size: 8,167,672
MD5: 89444711BF1532B4A4E40D5366F96EB4
SHA1: B089DAF14B2AF57BC3DCA8E270B058B241BAE2FA

64bit version:
Size: 9,992,952
MD5: 725382FD5E16257DF9661932AB2C7674
SHA1: 1E97BD06BDCC92644846B676BFB37B0254EB3672

New to this version:
IMPROVED: Application Sharing to increase stability and make them more robust.
IMPROVED: Application Sharing to stop the content of other windows from being transmitted to the rmoet host.
ADDED: Add Connection status check options page.
FIXED: Rare bug share options list is shown after sharing App Share
FIXED: Defect where EasyVPN fails after a remote connection has been accepted on the remote host.

Key know Issues:

  • Please ignore any erroneous update messages.
  • Right click sometimes fails in Internet Explorer Sharing.
  • Right click pop-up erroneously is not transferred to remote host and is detected as another application window.

Enjoy and as always we are looking forward to your valuable feedback.


good work guys!

now you can share applications! hurray :wink:


That’s a 3rd release of today :wink:

Congrats with the new release…(:CLP).