Comodo e-mail client

Maybe the question or topic already exists but I would like to see a Super secure email client. Why make a secure browser when mail is also a platform of attack.

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It also would be nice if its multi platform or maybe in-browser software, so we don’t have to install heavy software or apps and use it on Android, Linux, Windows, Chromebook and other devices.

Hi Eljo,

Please check this out, “Free Secure Email Services | Antispam Software for Enterprise

Hi Avond, this is an iso and cant be used on Multi platform or mobile. U brink it alsof To extensieve For single users…

Hi Eljo,

I understand that you want Email security client for single user which works on multi platform, I will pass on your request to our developer team.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

+1 on this.Something like a super locked down and secure ver. of Thunderbird but from Comodo would be great.