Comodo Dragon Version v87.0.4280.88 beta is available for beta testing

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version v87.0.4280.88 32 bit & 64 bit Beta are now available for testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bugs on Comodo Share and Comodo Drag and Drop extensions
  • Updated COS to v2.9.0.109


  • Updated to Chromium v87.0.4280.88 codebase.

Knowing issues:

  • Clear at exit function is not working
  • Passwords are not imported from Chrome on setup import neither from settings import.
  • Videos on some websites that use h264 codec may encounter some distorsions on some resolutions on machines with intel CPU.
  • Switch back to non virtual mode on win10 takes longer to open Dragon


md5: 38D39F174C329AF6B3296736C29E2CBA

sha1: 821BD7AFDEF308B4181D77FA029E613A953B11B7

sha256: EC26A4356845E06675AB9736CE2B1B58750CBFC250A9201CAC85120A3A3B1948


md5: 080C22724421C51CB9FF6537C5A15558

sha1: CD0E2B3494F1D688EF50EA4B289C5B09083EB66E

sha256: F250EC09FDB7A074B9EF77382E9D283BC5B852F66FCF47687E349C1C05A918B2

Good to see CD being updated. Installed and running fine so far. :slight_smile:

Installed as an upgrade . . . no problems and working well


Thank you for your feedback!