Comodo Dragon Version v85.0.4183.121 beta is available for beta testing

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version v85.0.4183.121 32 bit & 64 bit Beta are now available for testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.


  • Updated to Chromium v85.0.4183.121 codebase.

Knowing issues:

  • Clear at exit function is not working
  • Passwords are not imported from Chrome on setup import neither from settings import.
  • Videos on some websites that use h264 codec may encounter some distorsions on some resolutions on machines with AMD CPU.
  • Virtual mode on Win10 is not working


md5: D93FB742A237FDF193CA57954EC60800

sha1: 522EED489E1F5A04FAC064999B37A7B89A6C42D7

sha256: 3F826C04438A137C6050FAF7D953FB5EDD602BD883F1740BED7FF8C0FFA5C60C


md5: F59B6CBC7E5B3BA53C4392F7FA960647

sha1: EF3A66F83483DC8F9DB73F70EA7B260B9788FF70

sha256: 12A04C87237F94B1BDBF20A41BBC50E6FE3DD97F6120F2D871F7A405A44E43B0

Installed the 64 bit as an upgrade and w/o any issues

Virtual Mode from the Browser on Win 10x64 - 2004 (19041.546) works fine . . . also in Container and from the CIS Widget as expected. There was a previous issue occasionally when run from the Widget and Clearing the Container, caused a BSOD. That doesn’t happen now

Clear at exit isn’t available, but Clear Cookies and Site Data works well

Many thanks :-TU

- Passwords are not imported from Chrome on setup import neither from settings import.
A solution to this should work I'm guessing its because theres no flag for it. You can import it using csv

just use the command prompt, I dont think admin rights are required :slight_smile:
cd "\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

chrome.exe -enable-features=PasswordImport

chrome should pop up. In the chrome settings, go to passwords, there be like 3 dots so click it, then click imports, pick CSV.


Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: