Comodo Dragon Version v79.0.3945.74 available for beta testing.

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version v79.0.3945.74 32 bit & 64 bit Beta are now available for beta testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.


  • Updated to Chromium 79 codebase.


md5: BFA5547B0439E3E2585E16A93F3E1106
sha1: F799EBA76838D209A6F7FF1D446D57D9ED45CAF3
sha256: 626AB89DAC7FC123D739CD17D258442CABA7699E4B82C36405A24257F79E8DED


md5: D168E743AEEDA1B1D671738E53A51422
sha1: CD4990F7D164C7BF739FF7F2311C090F346E107A
sha256: 3CF4EEF9BE069081E15130C2AC2241DD93FD267D490D6E90F18E2DB79ED9606D

Please try it out and share your feedback.


The Comodo Browsers Team.

Updated, runs smoothly.

Glad to hear that. Thanks for the feedback.

Upgraded and no problems. Running well. Thank you

Installed, it upgraded the previous v.77 seamlessly (Windows 10, 64 bits).
Working good too. One question and one remark :

  1. At the installer’s option, I accepted “Comodo secure DNS” (browser only, not system-wide). Now, HOW do I switch back to using my system resolver in Comodo, please ?
    I can’t find a settings nor “flag” for it in UI. Would it be by editing file “master-preferences” in Comodo’s application folder?

  2. I noticed the layout of icons (links to most-used URLs) changed on the newtab page,
    but… there are still ONLY 8 icons ! Can you (as an option) give more of those ? Please!

With regards…

theme dark?

Hello, Czerno if you want to switch off the “Comodo secure DNS” (browser only), you need to go to the browsers settings type secure dns in the search box, and turn it off…that’s the only thing like in the photo attached.
Regarding the Most Viewed pages icons i will added to the wishlist, and see what we can do.

Wind10 newest builds does no longer have a DarkMode, the dark mode theme is still there if you use a wind10 build 17763 and lower…

Yes, I finally found the settings, that had escaped my attention for some reason.
But editing the “preferences” file worked, too…

Now ridden of the internal (Comodo secure) DNS choice, I was able to try and test the “DNS over HTTPS” chrome flag - and I’m afraid to say it silently does NOT apply in this Comodo build, whatever the choice of (yet DOH-enabled) system DNS resolvers, be it
Google’s, Quad9 or Cloudflare. Even though the DOH flag is affirmatively configured (not automatic…), Dragon keeps doing its DNS resolving using good old UDP. And yes I applied a restart after each change of settings. Windows 10, 64 bit O.S.

Please let your in-house developers have a close look : it is of course a very confusing bug if you have this setting exposed in the UI (flags) but not compiled-in or not working under the hood !

Regarding the Most Viewed pages icons i will added to the wishlist, and see what we can do.