Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:

IMPROVED: Cookies are imported from Chrome
IMPROVED: Tab can be used to move focus on setup pages

FIXED: Dragon’s crash on importing extensions
FIXED: Dragon’s defect on adding extension after importing Chrome’s settings.
FIXED: Cancel button is added to “Destination Folder” page
FIXED: Text of License Agreement disappears if press Esc Key
FIXED: Chrome is presented in ‘Import Settings’ list if it is not installed

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DL’d and installed. It seems to be running correctly thus far. Thanks, Vadym

I noticed a few other improvements/fixes:

  • Clear browsing data function moved to “under the hood” tab under options (this is a much more logical place to put it).

  • not sure if the “content settings” are new (I did not see them before).

So far it seems to work okay.

In the last version, I had a problem with the favorite icons getting mixed up (periodically a favorite icon would change to an incorrect icon). Was that fixed?

Thanks CD crew.

good work guys :wink:


Looks good here too!

Thanks guys


And here, well done one and all!


Oh meant to say - DC is now my default browser! (Extensions swung it for me).

Best balance of security, compatibility and speed!