Comodo Dragon ver 27.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 27.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 27.0.1453.116.
  • Dragon includes PrivDog extension.

Is that what I think it is?


Privdog, sounds intriguing :smiley:
Downloading NOW

Guess that instead Privacy alert we have a Privacy dog now. :-La

:■■■■ welcome Mr. Dog
Thanks for the update

Will the dog doing adblock job after uninstaling ? still use adblock .

This is an important step in protecting users from a new threat vector that we all overlook…

When you type you are NOT going to that site…you are inviting that website to your computer.

but what happens is these sites bring their “uninvited guests” (advertisers) along with them when they come to your computer…

You didn’t bargain or asked for these uninvited guests…but thats how these sites make money…

Its not fair on users to have to endure these uninvited guests…(just like you don’t want uninvited guests gate crashing your birthday party)…

But then again these websites need money and we need to protect their income…

These ads might have malware…use up your CPU (flash ads etc)…slow your computer cos sites are making calls to other sites and they don’t respond in a timely manner and so on…

this is why Adblockers work for consumers but doesnt’ for websites…

thats where PrivDog comes in…Patent Pending (MANY)…

It makes sure all the ads are clean, will not take up cpu power and all loaded from one source and after your main page is loaded…

So consumers can have a much faster internet browsing experience, much secure sessions while preserving the ecosystem.

So its a product that is win-win for everyone!

This is probably the wrong place to post this (mods please move it if necessary) I just updated to 27.2 and now get errors when clicking any link in . I have removed privdog and I still get the error. Any thoughts?

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High-Quality, High-Stability

Maintenance Comodo Dragon is perfect

Thank you very much :-TU :-TU :-TU

I downloaded the new version
And here is swinging the old version (screenshots on the links at the bottom)
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Correct the error.

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You have to refresh the page after removing/disabling the extension.


Brilliant. :-TU
Operate without conflict with Ghostery.
How I see that blocks Privdog? (as Ghostery).

Thank you for quick reply. I closed completely and reopened. Still getting the error

**emptied browsing history, closed, restarted and error is gone. thank you for your time

[s]Do you have other extensions installed in Dragon?
Try running Dragon in incognito mode and let us know if the issue still reproduces.

Thank you.[/s]

I’m glad that you worked it out.


Great! Thank you very much Comodo staff! Keep up the good work! :love:

I have a problem after the update. Some sites won’t respond at all. ???

FaceBook appears to be on the uninvited list on most pages (No surprise), which I am personally glad about I might add. :-TU

Thank you Comodo.

(:CLP) have instal. the priv dog on IE10 & Ice Dragon work great . Have uninstaled adblock from Dragon & the dog is doing the job perfect .

According users problems!

after update Dragon take a time to update & restart - propably forcing restart can be that issue for problems
Im using Comodo program manager & always been waiting for popup from Comodo program manager saying the job is done . CPM is the master (:HUG)

Thank you for the PrivDog :-TU But what difference between PrivDog and Ghostery? ???

Hi doit686868,
Adding to the exceptions list allows it to function.

Hi Seany007,
Does adding the troublesome sites to the exceptions list help?

Privdog works great.

I still have Disconnect Extention active and I have Privdog Active and they work in harmony.

But Privdog works better if you go to like Melih said.

My Test Privdog blocks 12 things

Disconnect blocks only 7 things.

and some other sites they match up. so it’s all good.