Comodo Dragon ver 26.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 26.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon crashes when clearing history at exit.
  • Improved compatibility with Chrome extensions (e.g. Speed Dial 2).

Quick fix…let’s check it… :-TU

What about the bug, dragon takes few secs to close when clearing history at exit?

Thanks for the fix release. :-TU

…thanx very much - looking like it’s back to superior - as for the lag /w/ “clear at exit”, it’s just the way it is &
has been & should be expected to take longer when it has to do more - nothing to worry about…

Excellent as ever :-TU

Great! Thank you Comodo staff ;D :-TU

Thanks for fixing the crash bug Comodo.


Is it me, or does CD not clear the internet cache anymore? When I used v26.0, I would never have leftover internet cache when I ran CCleaner. Now, ever since v26.1, it seems that its not clearing all the internet files on exit. It appears that the error message is suppressed, but it still doesn’t clear any files. Anyone else experience this? I use incognito mode and have every option checked under clear on exit.

This situation occurs with the Chromium source code and vanilla Chrome as well. You are welcome to research the issue and post your findings on the Chromium bug repository.

If possible, look at the Chromium source the 26.1 / 26.2 releases are based off of and v26.0, which apparently did not exhibit this behavior. You should be able to pinpoint a regression range from there.

I wish I could, but I’m no programmer. I have no programs that let me look at source code, and I would have no idea were to look. That’s a little above my head. Since its a problem with Chromium (I should of figured that), I’ll just wait for newer Dragon releases and hopefully it will be based on a build that fixes this problem. Thank you for the info.

Working flawlessly, thank you for the fix! :slight_smile:

26.2 removed my theme. anyone else have this issue

Thanks for the quick fix.

Many pages are taking ages to load or not at all (Error 324). I know this was a known issue with Chrome some time ago but I haven’t experienced it like this for a long time until this version.


Please add this command line switch to Dragon’s desktop shortcut: --enable-logging --v=1.
You will find the logs at the following location %localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\chrome_debug.txt.
Please attach the log file with the issue once it reproduces.

Note: The logs are recreated with each browser restart, so make sure you move the log to a safe location right after the issue reproduced.

Thank you.

This happens to me sometimes. What I do is simply refresh the page and it loads normally. If refreshing doesn’t work, then you have a different problem. I hope this helps.