Comodo Dragon ver 25.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 25.1 is now available for download from the following link:

What’s new:

  • Dragon is based on Chromium 25.0.1364.152.
  • Improved clear on exit feature. Now you can configure what browsing data should be deleted.


  • “Class not registered” error when launching Dragon form Windows 8 taskbar.
  • Extension button was sometimes not visible on the first launch.

Great job!

This is great. But still PrivAlert is missing. When You bring it back?

I guess after thorough testing is finished.

Hmm, I just downloaded a copy of PrivAlert 0.4 and installed it in CD 24.1. It’s seems to be working well, w/o any problems. I obtained the copy from: Comodo Forum

I will continue to test it and will report any major quirks.

…please explain how to install - tried, no go…

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the .crx file to anywhere.
  3. Open up Comodo Dragon.
  4. Go to the eye in top left corner, click Settings and then Extensions in far left. OR copy paste this in the url-bar dragon://extensions/
  5. If you have Comodo Dragon Maximized then make it smaller.
  6. Drag the .crx onto the Comodo Dragon Windows (anywhere really but preferably around the other extensions)
  7. It’s now installed.

Can anyone test if this is working well within the sandboxed? What I mean is, does highlighting tex become slow as the blue is tracing the cursor? (Outside of the sandbox it’s instant) I’m using 23.4 now and refuse to update until the horrible sandbox issue is resolved. Basically with later versions of Dragon and Chrome in the CIS sandbox, they will suddenly get a ~500-1000ms delay compared to unsandboxed dragon and chrome which are pretty much instant.
v 23.4 is still instant in the sandbox too, unlike the later versions.

The typing error in dragon://about-virtual/ is not fixed yet. >:-D

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I’m just upgrading CD, why so slowly!!! :o
Better to download a fresh copy and install it!

I just had the first problem with updating Dragon that I have had. I clicked on about, it started to update, then said relaunch. The relaunch would not work. Dragon just closed and nothing else happened. Opening it and looking at about, it still said to relaunch which again did not work but popped up a message that the update had failed. I shut down the machine and rebooted. The reboot took unusually long which was scary but finally Dragon said it is up to date.

The flash issue hasn’t been fixed in this version…

Melih said that we gonna get something better soon :slight_smile:

Getting new version now… Very slow download… After 10 min 0%…

Same here, very slow
Dragon auto update just failed somewhere over 60%
trying again from the link


This update is very disappointing. Firstly did not update automatically on my laptop…secondly it runs very slow and freezes up. Please issue another update to fix these issues. I am getting so frustrated with CD…actually thinking of switch to Maxthon or IE or even Opera. Seems every update worsens CD instead of bettering it.

Using new CD now. No issues so far. All good… Thank you 8) :-TU

Thanks for the update, installed quickly and smoothly. :-TU
I wonder if the slow update issues experienced by some could be geographically specific maybe?

Correct and also the yahoo issue found here is still present. :frowning:

Could well be…
I’m using a Swedish based VPN, I normally have VPN speeds similar to my ISP’s which are average to good.
I also have now installed the latest and greatest and all is running well as expected :-TU

Could you do me a favor?
In Comodo Dragon, enter virtual mode and then find a site and try to highlight some text, is the highlight instantly and always at your cursor or is it tracing after the cursor as if it had a smoothness or a delay to it?

Edit: 600 posts =3

Automatic update failed here.

Edit: I found the cause of the failure. If I have IPv6 enabled the update fails. This is a constant problem I face with all comodo downloads, whether it’s from a forum link or from somewhere like You really need to reenable IPv6 across Comodo sites >:(

I think this persists you’ll be unhappy tp hear :-
definite slight delay… this really doesn’t bother me so much anymore… have grown accustomed to it.