Comodo Dragon ver 24.3 beta is now available

Comodo Dragon Beta 24.3 is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems.
The beta can be downloaded from the following link:


  • Master Password.

Dragon can save user names and passwords that you use to access online web services. If you share your computer with anyone it may be reasonable to use a master password. By setting a Master Password, anyone using your profile will be prompted to enter the master password when access to your stored passwords is needed.

You can’t use master password and passwords sync simultaneously.

Is it based on Chromium 24.0.1312.57?

No, 24.0.1312.56.

Thanks for this Beta version.
Using as portable and working fine so far. :-TU

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In order to enable master password follow these steps:

  1. Open Dragon settings (dragon://settings/).
  2. Click “Show advanced settings”.
  3. Find “Enable a master password” checkbox and check it.
    You will be required to set up your master password. After this you will be able to view or autofill your passwords only once you enter the master password.

Thanks lightstep,
I just tested the MP with the portable and it all worked fine. :-TU
It required the MP when it should for either viewing/saving or auto retrieving login passwords for password saved sites.
It requires a good solid password with uppers/lowers/digits.
Edit: It does require the MP only once per session as it should, it all appears to be working 100% correct.
Well done Comodo. :-TU

It’s nice to finally see the MP in Comodo Dragon! MP is the only reason I haven’t made the switch from Firefox to Chrome. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test this beta since it keep crashing on my computer, but I’ll give it another try when it’s out of beta.

However I don’t think you should force strong passwords. I just need the MP to stop friends from having a quick peak at my passwords when I’m not looking, a weak password is good enough for that. I’ll give this a try and see how annoying it is but I think it may be a big enough deal breaker to make me stay with Firefox. Security features shouldn’t be intrusive and annoying.

Hi All, I’m new member and I love Comodo Dragon :slight_smile:

My question is… Why is not based on Chromium 24.0.1312.57?

This is the latest stable version, not 24.0.1312.56

Best Regards

Hi nicklas,
Do you get any error messages, or any other information on the crash?
Does the portable also issues?
Portable Dragon

I have two Google accounts. Dragon use only one username to autofill :frowning:

CD 24.3 is a nice release; works well for me. Kudos to the CD Team. I use LastPass to manage my logons, form fills and passwords. It has a Master Password capability which is a user option. LastPass is available at the Chrome Web Store and is free. Might be a good alternative (to consider) to the inboard Master password capability in Chrome. Your choice. Good luck.


are you saying if you use the master passwords feature that you can’t sync passwords but you can sync everything else like bookmarks etc while using the master password feature

Dragon should autofill the second password if you enter second username.


Please describe the scenario in which you experience a crash.
Also please send me a crash dump.
Dragon generates and stores it’s crash dumps in %temp%\DragonCrashDumps folder. They are named randomly and have .dmp extension. If you have more than one there, you can sort them by creation date to find latest one. You can zip, upload to some file sharing service (e.g. and send me the link.

Thanks for trying to help, though my main reason for posting wasn’t the crashes but to ask you to allow weak passwords.
I have uninstalled CD and I’m afraid I won’t have time to test it again in a couple of weeks. But I’m pretty sure the crashes happened after I had imported my 100 or so saved passwords from Firefox and tried to enter the password manager. I’ll give it another try when things are less busy around here. Perhaps the final version is already released by then and the problem is gone, otherwise I’ll follow your advice.

Thanks for this. Been trying out the Beta version and the browser has been running without a hitch or regression so far.

Unfortunately, the new master password functionality is not my cup of tea, even though I am sure other people will appreciate it greatly. Especially you Firefox folk.

Thanks for leaving it as an optional flag. Keep on rocking, Comodo.

Did the master password feature not make it into stable?

Hi ibelike,
Does not appear so, do not know why sorry. :-\

Please fix this bug before releasing it officially