Comodo Dragon ver 23.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 23.1 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 23.0.1271.91.

Downloading now :-TU Thanks


Downloading, Thanks Comodo team :-TU

Download seem to take a while almost 10 minutes. Thanks :-TU

After download CD failed to restart. The icon gone missing from desktop and it won’t activate. After some time 10 minutes again it started but the icon image gone and won’t come back. But it works thank God.

System: Windows 7 64-Bit Home Premium

Edit: All working now. Have no idea what went wrong.

…YaY, thanx - seems to be a little more responsive than before this update /w/ start/close & page loads - - - after updates, some versions are a little faster, some a little slower, on my system - this is one of the good ones…

great work!

Awesome! :smiley:

I think CD is the next CIS for comodo. Yes there are a lot of products that have not done well but CD and CIS have done very well.

Installation took about 5 minutes, although I did not time it too exactly. Near the end, some of the feedback documentation was overlayed & offset on itself making it look blurry.

I’m using C D now, and so far no usage problems.

[Toshiba Satellite, Windows XP service pack 3, NIS version present]

Thanks for the update.


nice :-TU

Nice job! I gave CD a try again after some of the issues I had a few months ago. They seem all resolved. Also the browser is just working really well overall. I may well resume using it as my primary browser on my new Win8 machine, and will likely resume recommending it.

Are we going to see 23.2 or CD will skip directly to 24.0?

I would like to ask

Comodo Dragon 23.2 Official version when released?

Thank you!

Something weird is happening to my Comodo Dragon v23.1.0.0

When I am watching a video on Comodo Ice Dragon and then I open up Comodo Dragon there is a popping sound that comes from my speakers and then the video audio starts to mess up in Comodo Ice Dragon. This only happens when I open Comodo Dragon and use that browser.

I can open up other programs and even play games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 and watch a video on Comodo Ice Dragon and it plays fine.

I have a gaming computer running:
Win7 64bit 8GB RAM,
AMD Phenom 2 6core processor
ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphic card
Creative SB X-Fi Titanium sound card

I do have all latest hardware drivers installed.

May be some chances to see it in Dragon 24?