Comodo Dragon ver 21.0 beta is now available

Comodo Dragon Beta 21.0 is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems.
The beta can be downloaded from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 21.0.1180.41.


  • Force Secure Connections.

The “Force Secure Connections” feature allows users to force default HTTPS connectivity when visiting particular domains. Clicking the simple address bar icon while on a HTTPS website will instruct Dragon to always establish SSL connections for the future visits to the website.

Thanks lightstep, I will be trying it out. :slight_smile:
Dragon striving forward. :-TU

Edit: Running portable Beta side by side with the current installed Stable, no issues so far.

Edit2: Chose not to use Comodo SecureDNS during install, but it still enabled malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS). Only present with portable version :-TD
Above issue not present with installed version. :-TU

Comodo Dragon has become the most secure, fastest browser with fastest updates…amazing work guys! welldone!

Continuing to run well, I have not found any more issues so far. :-TU

congrats on the release. what happened to the comodo cloud plugin? havent heard anything about it in a while

Thank you for the new release.

Would you please fix the default browser problem.
After i install Comodo Dragon(default install no Comodo DNS) i set it to not to be
the default browser,i uninstall Comodo Dragon and right after uninstall Opera browser
64 bit asks if i want to make it the default browser.
This also happens with Comodo IceDragon.

My configuration W7 SP1 - 64 bit, Opera 12 browser 64 bit(default browser).

Help button error.
The help button directs you to chrome help instead of Dragon help. :frowning:

What happened to the favicons? Every site I visit with this beta, it’s white :slight_smile:

Possible bug?
Addons I use: WOT, Lastpass, Adblock

[attachment deleted by admin]

I get something like that. But for me to get a page showing without it showing white.

I press on the address bar twice and the page loads OK after that.

It not happening all the time, but every so often. And this little bug I’ve had it for a couple of days now.

Just thought I do my feedback on it.