Comodo Dragon ver 20.0 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 20.0 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 20.0.1132.47.
  • Ability to scan links with Site Inspector from context menu.
  • Ability to scan a link with Site Inspector and navigate automatically if the link is fine.
  • Ability to share page with user-defined services.


  • Don’t restore deleted desktop shortcut during update.
  • Don’t change Dragon update service mode during update.

:-TU Splendid chaps!

great… :-TU

thank you guys so much for context scan and auto navigate. now we have real integration

social share has too large “option” button

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Congrats with the release.

The changed part of the change log will make quite a few people happy including yours truly.:-TU

I have a request for the next release. Please respect the Secure DNS as well as the default browser settings. Please let the installer reflect the user settings.

10x for the new version , but can u ket ppl decided if they want dragon tabs look like or like chrome tabs …

cheers :-TU

Why SiteInspector extension in Dragon?

You guys added SI with DNS in IceDragon. Why not the same in Dragon?

:-TU Thanks very much guy’s a long wish came true ;D

For the doubters, there is your request to stop the shortcut from re-appearing. :slight_smile:
They listen, even if takes a while to develop the solution.

It installs the share page service by default, and I did not see an option in the installer to disable that happening.

After removing it, I was curious if a rerun of the installer would re-install it …

Used the Repair option. Glad to see that did not install it.

However the repair option drags up a desktop icon from the dead.

Excellent work guys!!! i like the part about where comodo dragon service remains disabled!! I like to update my dragon manually,and the notification for update is all i need.

Fast as ever,as always.

Keep Up the good work!!!

I think that should be expected behavior from the repair function though.

Thank you for the release.

However, a problem I got with a previous version has returned. When I type a search in the search box, I’m redirected to Google home page and have to type there my search again.

good work guys!

I am very impressed. Some of us complained about the desk top shortcut and the Dragonupdate service on these forums, and you guys listened. Neither complaint was important in the overall scheme of things, but when a software company listens to their customers it shows that they are in fact making the product for their customers and not just profit.

I reinstalled Dragon today, and uninstalled Chrome…Thanks guys, great job!

Hi Boris 3 ,
Under Menu, Settings, Search, in manage search engines make certain that you have your desired search engine set as default.

Congratulations with this mighty fine update Comodo. :-TU

Why didn’t mine automatically update when I have it set to automatic updates?

i was wondering the same thing, i was thinking maybe they havent pushed the update through the internal updater yet.

Maybe but when I tried to manually do it it just kept saying “downloading” but didn’t. I had to go to the direct download link.