Comodo Dragon ver 18.3 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 18.3 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Chromium core 18.0.1025.168.


  • Yellow blocking page is not shown for web sites with low-validation SSL certificates. But “https” part of address is still painted in yellow color.
  • Changing of themes is forbidden.


  • Fixed HSTS that was not working on web sites with low-validation SSL certificates.

first to reply >:-D

great work comodo team !!! :-TU

As always running nicely :-TU

Can you please explain if this is a temporary measure and why this drastic choice was made?

The installer is still resetting the Automatic Updater service in Windows to ‘Automatic’
Can this behavior be changed? I have set up Dragon to NOT automatically update dragon AND set the Windows service to ‘Manual’.
Things that don’t need to eat my systems CPU and memory should stay manual also after an ‘upgrade’ of the Dragon browser.
Can this change be made in the installer?

For the rest kick-■■■ browser :-TU

Sadly I cat be updating my favorite browser right moew.

I would like a lighter-looking theme rather than the default dark theme. For the time being I would keep using the old version for a short time. If this issue is not fixed soon and the developers decide to go against the will of many users, I would switch to another browser… :cry:

Its unfortunate that they are doing this for brand awareness,

so i don’t think i will be updating at the moment, and probably give palemoon a chance if the don’t revert it in the next few revisions.

You might also like to try Jumpto browser.

I have heard good things about Maxthon, which is also based on Chromium project.

Right, those that use a theme use Dragon for a reason, those that don’t know Dragon will still not use it because they can’s change a theme of a browser the don’t have installed…

If you dont allow installation of third-party themes, at least you should have a set of pre-installed themes that can be switched, just like CIS. That would be better than none at all.

Looks like we have problems here - an “Avira” reported “TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen” trojan into installation distributive in process to install new version (C:\Windows\Temp\Dra4638.tmp). How about that feces ? Anyway - I don’t need a “Most secure browser” in conjunctions with the trojans. How about to re-pack distributive (an “DragonSetup.exe” file) without such “horses” ? I’m not Priam - and not need them.

Please report this false positive to Avira and please moderate your tone because you just showed up on the mods radar. Comodo has no intention to spread malware.

My thoughts exactly.

I would like to add to let the installer to follow the existing DNS settings of the previous version of Dragon.

i think the user should be allowed to change themes.

Hehehehe…the boss has spoken…
I can already see the changelog for v19:
-theme changing reenabled

Thanks in advance kind sir :-TU

I just updated and my theme didn’t change - I got it from the Chrome Web Store - maybe it won’t let you change if it’s a fresh install (?)

It does not give you the option to change in the settings menu.

I’ve been using Dragon instead of Iron, from SRWare, but, it seems that will now change, as I dislike being told what I can and can’t have, especially since the Chromium Project has made theming the browser one of the many features.

I’ve also noticed that I have fewer problems with extensions that do not work. [Knowing a bit about programming allows me to know that all the problems I’ve had with extensions not working properly are not because of security, but because of either programmer laziness at Comodo, or a need to overtly control the users. I don’t like to be micromanaged on MY computer, which is why I have resisted many of the Microsoft changes, until their shortsighted programming decisions could be ameliorated, or removed.]

I’ll revisit the forums, to see when [or if] things change for the better, but until then, I’ll remain with SRWare’s Iron as my secondary browser, with Opera being my number 1.

For those customers which I’ve installed Dragon, I’ll simply do the next upgrade to Iron, with the theming and extensions they currently have, and explain why the changes were necessary.

Thumbs up for the BRILLIANT boss :-TU