Comodo Dragon ver 18.2 beta (with Comodo Cloud) is now available

Comodo Dragon Beta 18.2 is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems.
The beta can be downloaded from the following link:


  • Chromium core 18.0.1025.163.



  • Yellow blocking page is not shown for web sites with low-validation SSL certificates. But “https” part of address is still painted in yellow color.
  • Changing of themes is forbidden.


  • Fixed HSTS that was not working on web sites with low-validation SSL certificates.

The standalone BETA extension is too buggy, I wouldn’t even have thought about adding it to Dragon just yet.


good work guys.

lets fix all the bugs and create one amazing browser with cloud storage integrated!


Can you be more precise? Which are the issues encountered? Please post them in the Bug Report Section.

Indeed we have encountered some server issues that will be addressed further.
Thank you for your support.

Forbidding the change of theme’s will not go down well with some users. me included, Bad Idea! :-TD

There is no theme option in this release!!!

Removed ‘shouting’ case.

Congrats with the release and integration of Comodo Cloud.

What’s the reason for not allowing theme changes?

my guess is chrome themes might be conflicting with dragon so they are disabling themes until they can make it easier to make themes specifically designed for dragon without causing problems

Theme changing was removed in order to ensure brand awareness.

I would not like a browser that forbids theme changing. If the next stable release of CD forbids theme changing, I would certainly switch to another browser.

I would think it is not the biggest of crowds that modify the UI of their browsers, I am surely not one of them, and that the people changing the UI are already more aware of what browser they are using.

I don’t see brand awareness and themes as mutually exclusive. The more aware users may also be more inclined to tell other people about Comodo Dragon.

Hello !

Therefore said that Comodo Dragon 18.2 tests the edition ?

Then must publish Comodo Dragon 18.3 official editions ?

I want a browser able to change the default (and often boring) theme! Used to be like that in version 18.1, why change that? Brand awareness? It already states Comodo next to the minimize window button. How much more awareness does one need? 88)

This is the CEO’s response

Please read and continue in the release topic of 18.3.

I will lock this topic.