Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Comodo Dragon is now available for download from the following link:

New in this version:


  • Chromium core 10.0.648.204 is used
  • Dragon help is available.

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Hi Maxim, your confusing us. Is this version beta or not? This Topic started 2min before the link below.
Thanks and Kind regards.

No it’s a stable release

Hi Valentin thanks. With a Stable and beta posted 2min apart I thought one of had to be a typing error, just wasn’t certain which one. Thanks.

it’s stable because I can update my CDv9 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. Kind regards to you.

:-TU ( I forgot to add it in the previous post, sorry about that :slight_smile: )

The latest versions of Chromium based browsers…

Comodo Dragon…40,2MB

Why is Dragons’ setup file that large?

So, just because it’s able to update from the stable CDv9 it’s suppose to be stable? This isn’t a make-belief story, where we are suppose to belief something is true because it updates stable version, that’s for the end-users to decide. After all, Development Teams merely focus on preferred sites/extensions/tests, while users use an incredible amount of websites and extensions.

@siketa I was wondering that myself. Hopefully this size has great implementations. :slight_smile:

No it’s not; I tried to see if i can download the beta and my CD said: no update available. (I don’t like to make-up stories)

I still don’t see any clearing to my rant, but thanks for the info. If it says Stable then it must be true, I guess. I wonder who decides what’s stable or not, but no worries. I am trying out the beta.

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If I am not wrong the beta has been around for some little before the stable come out. I think it got released due to great stability.

Could you tell me what’s unclear so that can explain it :slight_smile: ( I am sorry if I was unclear in the previous post)

Valentin N

When captainsticks posted, I was also confused if it was a beta or not. I can’t subscribe to the Beta side by RSS Feed, so I am behind. If you can update from Stable 9 to 10, then I will assume it’s a stable.
Anyways, I am only for BETAS.


each product has a “beta corner” so you will have plent to try ;D

same question from me

Hi People,
I’m new to using Comodo and the forum. I’m not as knowledgeable as some other people about computers. Guess you’d call me a Newbie, noob whatever
I really like CD. In fact, I find myself using Comodo over Chrome frequently now. Great product and I’ve recommended it to several of my friends :wink:
Now to my question. I just downloaded the new version of CD. I received a notice from the Program Compatibility Assistant. It says “this program may have not installed correctly” if program did not install correctly, try reinstalling using using settings that are compatible with this version of Windows Then gives me 2 options. Reinstall with recommended settings or the install is good. What should I choose?
I’m running Windows 7 HomePremium SP 1, Intel i7 64 bit.
I’d appreciate some advice cus this is a new computer. And I don’t want to mess up the registry in the first month
CJK :wink:

No need to reply to my previous question. I stressed the program thoroughly by running several tabs with streams, downloads and general internet use simultaneousnly. CD ran without a hitch.
I just wanted to check before I went wrong.
I apologize if I posted my question in the wrong thread.
CJK :wink:

As long as you got it solved. I was going to suggest a Registry Repair, which is something you were trying to steer clear from. Kuddos on that beast processor.

I have the same issue every install again, just chose ‘install went fine’ seems to be a minor issue triggering this response.

The “this program may have not installed correctly” message is not always correct I noticed.