Comodo Dragon ver beta is now available for download

Comodo Dragon Beta is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems. The beta can be downloaded from the following link:

New in this version:


  • Chromium 10.0.648.133 core is used.
  • Dragon help has been created. Help is available from Wrench > Help (currently Dragon 9 help is used, it will be updated soon).

Best Regards,

Thanks. :slight_smile:

It gets lower score than Dragon 9:

It gives no warning when downloading exe files. :wink:

And here is the probable reason: Chromium Blog: GPU acceleration + old drivers = :(
My WebGL score is 0 for CD 10, and 15 for CD 9.

Cant wait for Dragon to evolve more from Chromium and become more unique. ( a new species might sound good) :-TU

it’s evolving :slight_smile: Nice to see that :slight_smile: :-TU

Yes, this is something I am very much looking forward too :). I guess it’s hard work keeping up with the latest builds of Chromium but would love to see Comodo develop their own range of extensions (for better security, privacy, etc).

Btw, thanks for the update to v10 :-TU.


And why does he need help? There are all very clear.