Comodo Dragon v98.0.4758.102 32&64-bit are now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v98.0.4758.102 32&64-bit are now available.

Bugs Fixed:

-Improved SSL Low Validation functionality
-Removed Relaunch button from Settings ? Appearance ? Use first half of speed-dials as sponsored links section

New Features:

Updated to Chromium v98 codebase

Known bugs:

  1. After installation a shortcut isn’t created on the taskbar on Windows 10
  2. Chrome Sync not working

Comodo Dragon v98


Live Update URL: [b][/b]


md5: BFAEB405B08F71F7D86AAE10E62FB0FE
SHA1: 2F0E67421DF085958448F94D8FFF107D28301F8D
SHA-256: CDA95DE228A4F724D0F5B75BFE3FFA588B940C2DE333ADA84496E36EB5395FA6


Live Update URL:


md5: 4B9B807DBEEF340F850B5BEC4111B5A8
SHA1: 8D10E9E0C83A8D8885FDCCF77809B495FF2FD75B
SHA-256: A0617EF417DF413DF711D87F53FF8FAFA7F3CFAB33C6FD1BB281FEBD11E796A6

The update will be pushed out to existing users within the next few hours.

Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

Thank you,

The Comodo Browser Team

stable! :-X

Thanks to the Comodo teams for the update.

Any idea of when a NEW Vversion is going to be released
There have been 3 Zero Day VULNs since this version
Current CHROME Ver 100 + or - #

Hopefully soon


Thank you for the new release!

Known Problems on my End

Reset Settings Option Un-Usable Fixed with Dragon v97.0.4692.99

Relaunch button is not functioning Fixed in Comodo Dragon v98.0.4758.102 Release

Unrelated Settings Under Sound Preferences Still there…

Low Resolution Icons of Shortcut Websites Still there…

Drag & Drop Bug Still there…

Missing Turkish Translations (with Suggestion of these) Still there…

Waiting Feature Requests - Wish List

HTTPS Everywhere & uBlock Origin Wish Not rejected or confirmed? unanswered…

Old URL Bar SSL Fixed in Comodo Dragon v98.0.4758.102 Release

Clipboard Protection answered as “Use Virtual Mode”

Obsolete Share Page Extension of Dragon Not rejected or confirmed? unanswered…

Any update? Chromium fixed a few severe security flaw. Can we expect a new release with the new core?

Diana? Vasi? The developers last seen 2 months ago on forum…

Hi yigido,

We are working on a new release for this month.

Thank you.

Hi Vasi,

Thank you for the answer. :-TU

Please keep an eye on the list above 88)


Downloading it right now :slight_smile: