Comodo Dragon v88.0.4324.190 is now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v88.0.4324.190


  • v88.0.4324.190 security fixes

Fixed bugs:

  • Partially fixed video problem.
  • Fixed the address bar focus on Google search engine
  • Fixed minor bugs on Comodo extensions
  • Fixed Login pop-up on Epic Launcher webpage
  • Fixed URL not fully shown in search bar

Known bugs:

  • Google sync partially working
  • Passwords are not imported from Chrome using setup import neither from settings import.
  • Video may encounter some distorsions on web-sites that are using h.265 codecs on some resolutions.
  • Clear at exit function is not working.
  • Switch back from virtual mode might take a few minutes.

Comodo Dragon v88 64 bit
Comodo Dragon v88.0.4324.190 64-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: CCB39DF367EE1C7CCAF65DCE9C075215
SHA1: 795CB81E9547439CC182210A77E53C7FA5E82F47
SHA-256: 39EB2068994326B5B44CE1C87462FF9E5DD614927314262365F4B462A7AB3B59

Comodo Dragon v88 32 bit
Comodo Dragon v88.0.4324.190 32-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: BFE87C19522356273E037DBC31E24E65
SHA1: 2D1D913AF68894C76520B722E396AD16AB287DF5
SHA-256: A81A42886E755AB2405D33430AE55528DC56889761D02144509F69909B366BF7

The update will be pushed out to existing users with then next few hours.

Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

download… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see a further update.

Thanks for the update.

I use SUMO (Software Update Monitor) and it found this version when it checked at March 20. I checked the download link in the release topic of Dragon 87 and found this version and installed it. The installer I downloaded March 20 has the same file hash as the one linked at this moment.

Thanks Dragon-team,

Setting “Delay Competing Low Priority Requests” to Disabled was a workaround for the Epic page in previous version of CD. After resetting it to Default, I can confirm that the Epic page is still working. I suppose it is best to have it at Default?

I’ve installed this version on three computers, and on one of them CIS reported malware found in “Comodo Dragon\User Data\FileTypePolicies\43\download_file_types.pb”. I can see that this has already been reported in the CIS “False Positive” department, so just mentioning it.

Hello Sixtyfour,

Thank you for your feedback, the Epic page bug has been resolved, it is working fine now. From now on you don’t have to make any changes in the flags page, you can leave it Default.

Best Regards,
Comodo Browser Team

All running smoothly with no apparent problems - thanks :-TU

Google Sync not working at all is usual for this update? my gmail always wants to be logged on again once my PC restarts. Is there a way to get v87 back?


Thank you for your feedback Sebamed. We are aware of this issue and we are working on it, at this moment Google Sync it is partially working (United States, Brazil …) as stated in the Release Notes. Until we solve the issues with Google Sync please take in consideration using this free and open-source alternative

Best Regards

Tried browsersync but sadly it doesnt seem to work with gmail. Is there a way to get v87 back? i dont have the installer for it anymore

Hello Sebamed,

It seems that xbrowsersync it doesn’t work anymore, but if you would like to use the sync feature in Comodo Dragon browser, until we solve the sync issue, please take in consideration using this extension EverSync, just tested it and it is working fine.

Best Regards

I uploaded it to OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. .

I always keep installers of programs that I use for the once or twice a year I need to go back to a previous version.

learn use addons in comodo dragon: Comodo Dragon Uma boa opção para empresas - YouTube
comodo share is very good for users than have sites, bloggers…