Comodo Dragon v87.0.4280.141 is now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v87.0.4280.141


  • v87.0.4280.141 security fixes

Fixed bugs:

  • Partially fixed video problem.
  • Fixed the address bar focus on Google search engine
  • Fixed minor bugs on Comodo extensions

Known bugs:

  • Passwords are not imported from Chrome using setup import neither from settings import.
  • Video may encounter some distorsions on web-sites that are using h.265 codecs on some resolutions.
  • Clear at exit function is not working.
  • Switch back from virtual mode might take a few minutes.

Comodo Dragon v87 64 bit
Comodo Dragon v87.0.4280.141 64-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: 970369D117211F900634AC7A7F329BCE
SHA1: 4033C0F6E37DFA529AAB514EA9A2C0225B7891B1
SHA-256: BF19BC53ECFB61DCD2075E0FC3B62177D81E2CF3A534B948392C12B94DB5B9F8

Comodo Dragon v87 32 bit
Comodo Dragon v87.0.4280.141 32-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: FA7DC8269D6F962F28CB3225DB72314A
SHA1: 29543F5EF943AF2EA050CD0D507FCC3547CF95DF
SHA-256: 22BE9E51F05A3939FC6B4ADBAB4CA2F03675A003CB4F47D3F29140A4112BB7F7

The update will be pushed out to existing users with then next few hours.

Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

64 bit installed as upgrade. Running well and no problems :-TU

if google sync is going away how about this >:-D

xBrowserSync is a free and open-source alternative to browser syncing tools offered by companies like Google, Firefox, Opera and others. The project was born out of a concern for the over-reliance on services provided by big tech, who collect as much personal data as they can and have demonstrated that they do not respect their user’s privacy. Now, with the proliferation of open-source code and projects it’s easier than ever to create tools and services that allow users to take back control of their data!
xBrowserSync does not only sync but also enhances your productivity by enriching your native browser bookmarks with the addition of descriptions and tags, and an intuitive search interface enables you to find, modify and share bookmarks quickly and easily. xBrowserSync even adds descriptions and tags to new bookmarks for you automatically. And don’t ever worry about losing your data thanks to the included back up and restore functionality.

Nice idea Jay! Plus, it might draw more attention to CD if other chromium based browsers lack sync features.

I’m personally not a big fan of cloud/sync stuff, but for bookmarks I am a softie.

Hello jay thank you for the suggestion, we will see what is the best solution for it

At last ! I’ve been worried about it. :-TU Next update: IceDragon.

update done :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been happy with the new update, but today I found a problem. When I goto “” and click on “sign in” in the upper right corner I get an empty black page. I thought it might be because I was in incognito mode, but the same thing happens in normal mode.
Using CD version 85.0.4183.121 Epic Games site works and displays different sign in options.
Is this what’s called an Epic failure? :wink:
Can anyone replicate the problem, or is it just me?

Hello Sixtyfour thank for taking your time to report this issue, we are looking into it as we speak i will come back with an answer asap, Thank You!

As a quick fix you can go to chrome://flags/ page in dragon and disable Delay Competing Low Priority Requests like in the photo attached this should resolve the issue for now we will fix this issue in our next update. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the workaround. :slight_smile:
Have a wonderful weekend.