Comodo Dragon v80.0.3987.163 is now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v80.0.3987.163


  • v80.0.3987.163 security fixes

Known bugs:

  • Due to samesite issues (cookies) some sites may not render as it should or may not work.

Comodo Dragon v80 64 bit
Comodo Dragon v80.0.3987.163 64-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: 06A752EC0C96E14F1110EDCF3E02C751
SHA1: CEA919A022FB0BA88B30016CA4BDA80421BEBCAF
SHA-256: AC2A58F69523891E17C0E6099698C9411C5CFBB1EAB927E0F8441F90DCBC0487

Comodo Dragon v80 32 bit
Comodo Dragon v80.0.3987.163 32-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: 355E3A856D5D48EC305B0E2DDAB9694D
SHA1: 6648BEDCF6552C767E25945398AEDD3EF52E9B80
SHA-256: BA5E36B54FCF5DAB66CF9FB6B604DF859062C9B29335DF6BA6E03D0ED8FBB39F

The update will be pushed out to existing users with then next few hours.

Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

Installed as upgrade to previous version - no problems and running smoothly :-TU

Apparently Comodo Dragon is still supported but Ice Dragon is not. :frowning:
Does CD have all the G00gle spyware and telemetry removed?
How can Ice Dragon be brought back?

Does CD have all the G00gle spyware and telemetry removed?
Removed since day one I can't remember where I found it but hears a quote from one of developers when it was first introduced
How can Ice Dragon be brought back?
That would be nice, but none of the mods have no info on that.

jay2007tech: That’s good news regarding the positive mods made by Comodo. I installed it and will see how it does. About FF, I thought lots of people were still using it. Apparently Comodo has prioritized their resources to develop just one browser at this time.

Thank you for this new version.
No problem. The only small point that I don’t understand is that I lost my shortcut in the taskbar.

Thank you for your feedback, the taskbar icon is a known issue you can add it, by dragging the desktop shortcut on your taskbar.

that’s what i did.
It is not a big problem.

The Comodo logo still doesn’t appear on the taskbar. Well, I have to wait to the next update and see what happens. So, until then.

constant updates help popularize software, in addition to providing greater security :-TU

We try to keep up with the latest security updates from chromium, and updates are coming up as soon we are confident with it.

Hello, Yoshiki X Jp i’m sorry to hear you still have this issue i think it is a problem with your windows, it is hard to understand why it doesn’t read the .ico

Fixed broken quote. JoWa

So…Is this browser still alive?

I would say so: CD Beta Release

Hello Shay!,

Yep! We are working to release a new version. Untill then, check out the BETA Release and give us your feedback.