Comodo Dragon v77.0.3865.120 is now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v77.0.3865.120


  • Updated to Chromium v77.0.3865.120 codebase

Comodo Dragon v77 64 bit
Comodo Dragon v77.0.3865.120 64-bit can be downloaded from:


md5: 74628083132917F9DC6F090E4B5CF459
sha1: A182B11E825880C344C8D393DE163F6524F5E04B
sha256: 8FEC113281420EC15B0C1BABC5029818FB88F89E05BD504878CB459BF5AB10C7

Comodo Dragon v77 32 bit
Comodo Dragon v77.0.3865.120 32-bit can be downloaded from:


md5: 585C5B59E9DCCC20CEF7DCCF70E581E6
sha1: A9C4280BCE711212DFAFF0238D5D53ADB7DD0AA4
sha256: 84C516F9C54534F0FD8EF16D7BAD12486F479508CB14155C0834BD620173CFEE

The update will be pushed out to existing users with then next few hours.

Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

Looks like the 64-bit url still points to v76.
The 32-bit url points to v77.

Hey 7onm7372 . Do you still encounter this issue? If yes, in what region do you live? There might have been the problem that the mirrors were not updated for all countries immediately and it needed more time.

I downloaded v77 and did the install. But when I click on Relaunch it tries to complete but fails, and then goes into another download/update. Then I get another notice to RELAUNCH, but that fails too, and the cycle goes on and on. :frowning: Any suggestions?

if you download v77 it should not upgradeā€¦just download the appropriate setuup 32 or 64, uninstall what u have and do a clean install

I just auto updated, but when i looked it said Comodo Dragon is up to date
Version 76.0.3809.132 (64-bit). I thought i was going to get Version 77 and not 76.

When I downloaded using the link you provided, it install V76. That version tried to update (automatic update on) but that failed with the loop I described in my earlier post. :frowning:

Frustrated with issue with downloading of v77 (64 bit) here, I went to and downloaded v77, 64 bit, without problems. Did a clean install, and all is well. :slight_smile:

Downloaded the 64 bit - ran it and it upgraded the previous version w/o a problem

Running fine - no problems

Can you try now please? Indeed we had a server that updated a little bit late but now it should work for everybody. Let us know!

this way the indications of safe sites are much better :-TU

No problem here at all. I updated from the browser. 8)