Comodo Dragon v68.0.3440.106 32 and 64 bit Beta2 available for beta testing.

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version v68.0.3440.106 32 bit and 64 bit Beta2 are now available for beta testing.

NOTE: The version number hasn’t been updated to avoid compatibility issues with Widevines during this testing phase. You can distinguish this version by right clicking and checking the digital signature time stamp, signed on August 29th 2018. Alternatively you can check the checksums listed below.


  • Defect where Amazon Video audio or other encrypted audio is not playing.

Dragon 64bit
MD5 checksum: BD6F84F21EF0FC85EB403A2704EC587B
SHA1: 58665682DAD656E931B953A686B832D29C5F143B
SHA256: B96555EFC9D23E2843B80C5F4211CEBECDA4B0B226FEC2D09C44DB7B7519C7A7

Dragon 32bit
MD5 checksum: C9AD6E28261874FEDB6708013544FCF0
SHA1: C07FD6FD621DB2006874B671FE90EFE5B8F5D5D8
SHA256: 1F15331D4DEA76CF798E4CF36B876272193DBFBE3F8A5EED2692717A5D76D277


The Comodo Browser Team.

Hi Shane, sound works fine, well done!

Great news.

Dragon 64-bit portable on Windows 10.

Extensions do not update. COS is stuck on version, when is available in the store.

Source is empty in Details (chrome://extensions/).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

With chrome://flags/#enable-mark-http-as set to Default, insecure connections are marked as neutral (or rather unmarked), even when logging in ( Setting the flag to Enabled makes no difference.

Default in Chromium 68 is grey Not secure.

Enabled (mark as actively dangerous) works in Dragon, and shows red Not secure. There seems to be an issue with the grey Not secure in Dragon.

Enabled (mark with a Not secure warning and dangerous on form edits) is neutral until text is entered, when red Not secure is shown. Expected: grey Not secure, and red Not secure when text is entered.

Enabled (mark with a Not secure warning and dangerous on passwords and credit card fields) is neutral on Expected: grey Not secure. Red Not secure is shown at once on

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Reported to QA


The team is aware and looking into this.