Comodo Dragon v68.0.3440.106 32 and 64 bit Beta1 available for beta testing.

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version v68.0.3440.106 32 bit and 64 bit Beta1 are now available for beta testing.


  • Updated the codebase to Chromium v68.0.3440.106 .
  • Improved video support for integrated graphics cards. Please test on machines that previously required hardware acceleration turned off.

Dragon 32bit
MD5: 277780B5059236B8662EBBBC1E40E963
SHA1: 1FCDC1C83CAC707EBC58597F6433DA7AC2F65AB1
SHA256: 1A539EB317BAE097939A5DEA3C5C3B99C29A27CA53E4272CF54A8E10509A4102

Dragon 64bit
MD5: 5A20E81DB4B2949A34C3A9C40BB8CBB6
SHA1: AFDAC27231FF1BE784235D07ACF64D7980E6CF34
SHA256: D9902D06627F54A2764FAFF42F0FB4E22B6BA727C8508D422DFF01CA83FB259E


The Comodo Browser Team.

Hi rkparis,

We did detect one site only with this issue in testing.

We detect no sound on this video:

But directly from the today site, sound worked.

Can you send over some links of videos that don’t work for you and we’ll make sure we get this issue cleared.


Hi Shane,
I cannot send you any links because you need to be logged in with username and password on those sites to watch videos.

I just checked out the trailer on landing page and this worked, does that work for you?

Yes, that works for me too!

It seems the issue is related to the Widevines DRM plug-in. We can reproduce and we’re investigating.

Could you check your version of Widevines by putting this into your browser:


Then locate the “Widevine Content Decryption Module” and report here which you version you have?

Hi Shane, here it is : Widevine Content Decryption Module - Version :

Still waiting for this rather confusing behaviour (see attachment) to be properly explained, both in Dragon and in the documentation.

What is the advice to the user? It’s not only the depicted domain, but 125 million domains (and counting), so it is likely that users see this affirmatively not secure warning on a daily basis. Are users supposed to leave all sites where this happens, or ignore it, learning that the affirmatively not secure warning can safely be ignored?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I just checked the Widevine version on Chrome (same machine), it is 4.10.1146.0, obviously much more up to date. Why this difference between Comodo Dragon and Google Chrome?

We know the issue with the audio and it’s fixed, thanks for your feedback. We’ll have an updated beta out tomorrow, it’s not related to the version of Widevines.

We don’t control the versions of Widevines made available for Chromium browsers compared to Google Chrome, I think only Google would know why the versions are different.

This issue will be address in the RC coming next week.

We’ve just released a Beta2 and this issue is fixed.

Could you check it out and report back here?

Hi Shane, already replied in the new Beta topic that everything works fine, thanks!