Comodo Dragon v60.0.3112.114 is now available for download

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v60.0.3112.114.

Comodo Dragon v60 has the Chromium v60 codebase with improved security.


Comodo Dragon v60.0.3112.114 can be downloaded from:


md5: 0B23E43ADD2332337A05F8608C3E7136
sha1: EC79DF8AEB4C8375C952907BF7380646A88531D3
sha256: 99A361F6A9CC4B1E9B1713BCC5A0BF2365D8862C7CB9BF55C8EF494FF6ADBD05

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team


Thanks team, it’s good to see a new update :slight_smile:

Great news :-TU looking forward to updating it.


Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

Since the update I’m having problems with - video, music and notification sounds aren’t working. Private audio messages work fine, though.

Release looks great.
I am having trouble with the outlook web app now though.
To be clear I have not experienced this on other sites yet just Outlook but I use Outlook daily and it was working fine prior to the update.

1.Clicking the settings gear the popup menu goes off the screen

2.insert button no longer works(meaning it does nothing)

3.Save as text is missing in the right click context menu

See attached for visuals.

Overall great release I hope we can get these items fixed soon


Hi Damund01, thank you very much for reporting this issue!

We will look into this issue, but we need more information. Is that the standard Microsoft Outlook web app version? In the screenshots it looks different than the official one.

Thank you very much,

It is my companies 2012 exchange outlook Web app.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Working well so far at this end though I’ve had to install an adblocker to make the yahoo page load quicker. Not my favourite site and the big ad banners can be a pain but I suppose I could always change it. Looking forward to comparing it with the other browsers on my pc.


You can pay a yearly fee like i do to Yahoo and then will be free of those big banner ads that you get from Yahoo.

That’s always an option I suppose. It’s not too intrusive really. I prefer other search engines but if it contributes to Comodo, count me in.

:-\ Can’t download - 404 not found.

Works fine here. Make sure you do not have modified windows hosts entries for

Oh, thank you, I have modified HOSTS.

Right click on any image – something is missing in menu (Russian interface)

It is also missing on the EN-US interface.

Same here

It is the “Save image” option, that it is not displaying

Also I cannot play HTML5 video anymore!

Hi, I just noticed that I cannot sign in to Google Sync in settings now. I enter my Google Account password, then my two step verification code and I get

Sorry, there seems to be a problem. Please try again.”

I have tried it on two separate devices and get the same error. As far as I know it was signed in before this release. But I cannot give you a firm date when it stopped working as I have only just noticed it.

You are talking about other devices. That suggests they may be phone or tablets not running Dragon. If that is the case the problem may be with Google.

A Windows 7 laptop and a Windows 7 PC actually.