Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.115 is now available for download

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.115.


  • Added the “Open link in new window” and “Open link in incognito window” options back to the right click menu for links.
  • Fixed invalid path when trying to install Comodo Dragon to the root of a drive by using the file browser in the setup.


Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.115 can be downloaded from:


md5: 5E9963747B7124F35941E21DE2BA3FE4
sha1: BEBF687232E4855618F9C07EE32FC1FDA99896D7
sha256: E27631103951F60E02404955CE70910E2E5A31AFBD526CBA9154D6A3A42B2CD2

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the speedy update :-TU

I know not everyone is affected, but has it been discovered yet as to why we are still receiving the error ’ Downloaded file is not properly signed ’ when using the internal updater and having to download the update and run manually ? - Screenshot attached

Hi Dolphin66, thank you very much for reporting this issue!

Would you please be so kind and provide more information about the operating system and security software or tools you are using?

Thank you very much,

The machine the screenshot was taken from is running Windows 7 32bit Pro with Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0.2415.0200

Hi Andrei: for resolving :" Downloaded file is not properly signed"

System information : w7 32bit pro / comodo cdome shield !/ ublock origin + ublock extra / privacy badger.

Please update Dragon as soon as possible.Please.

It will be released when it is ready 88) Comodo’s Browsers’ Motto >:-D

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

that’s no excuse for being so far behind in the version of chrome/firefox, if they put more into it, then they would possibly have a vastly more secure AND faster browser than google does, but, because they take their time, they lose the innovation race to google, firefox, and opera. There’s even a new competitor around. a browser called Brave. It’s still in development more though, but even “it” is near up to date on it’s chrome version. I even think comodo could learn a think or two from Brave. They have some neat concepts.

Comodo browsers’ development is slow, it is a fact! If you like Brave browser, use it! I already switched from Comodo’s browsers. There are better alternatives on the market. Recent years, Comodo just updates the browser cores, nothing more. No new security features, no new privacy oriented features. Comodo just re-named the Chromium and releases it. Marketing tactics…
I suggest you to use updated browsers for all aspects. Mods may do not like this comment but use Firefox or Opera browser.
New Firefox is very fast with Quantum project.