Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.114 is now available for download

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.114.


  • ADDED some internal changes for Comodo Secure Box support.

Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.114 can be downloaded from:

md5: 2A6F680978EC26B842DDF04DE6D6C226
sha1: B308803F336DC6F3F4535F78D53181AB0B8BB564
sha256: DC14525774B43392C5850A3250094A956272A74DD418A965A1451EF1F2F34D83

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers Team

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the new release :-TU

new version not correct: error:

Downloaded file is not properly signed

Today still the same problem !! Moderator: can you please take a look and correct the download file please !

Is it OK to use hardware acceleration now…

The Right-mouse-button popup menu no longer includes the option “open link in new window”. That’s the option I use the most.

Fortunately Shift-click does still work, but that requires two hands which can be inconvenient at times.


We will release a new Comodo Dragon version with a fix for this issue in a few days.

The Comodo Browsers Team.


Hi Andrei,
Still the same problem with the download of new version : error : “Downloaded file is not properly signed”

I’m using an extension to manage my bookmarks, and since this new version it’s very annoying having this on every new page that I open:

Is there a way to hide this?

Hi lcke, thank you for reporting this issue.

Can you provide more information about the operating system and security software (other than Comodo Internet Security/Comodo Antivirus) you are using please?

The Comodo Browsers Team.

I stopped using Dragon only because I wanted the x64 version, with the latest release

Comodo Dragon v58.0.3029.115 is now available for download