Comodo Dragon v116.0.5845.97 32 bit & 64 bit Beta is available for Beta testing

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon 116.0.5845.97 32 bit & 64 bit Beta are now available for beta testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.

New Features:

Updated to Chromium v116 codebase.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. After installation a shortcut is created on the taskbar on Windows 10
  2. Custom extensions are not available after CD Portable folder is copied to a different location

Known bugs :

  1. Chrome Sync not working


Live Update URL:


md5: B26D24AD381BF512F958678615AED292
SHA1: 60E10AAC0F1F366353C2ECD5E13DF9C133819439
SHA-256: 80B0BCDE2B4C0000E3057D99F6EEE2BF4A81755E86CCE6AF0EF57D8FA2B74B4A


Live Update URL:


md5: BC165132A5FE4A8B2909EA10DA4E1D68
SHA1: 0DAA86DD9A2FEA1704E955D1BDA2B1216282FC0E
SHA-256: 5D9CFB49E21296185475D183BD92895C7DE4E601F49E70001F5E776C9852BB06

Thank you,
Comodo Dragon Team

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