Comodo Dragon v108.0.5359.95 32&64-bit are now available for download

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v108.0.5359.95 32&64-bit are now available.

New Features:

Updated to Chromium v108 codebase.

Known bugs:

1. After installation a shortcut isn't created on the [b]taskbar on Windows 10[/b]
2. [b]Chrome Sync[/b] not working

Comodo Dragon v108


Live Update URL:



md5: acee490829b35712ebae1e924495d948
SHA1: ab8efac006909ff2f05b150caa76ee39e79e8ed3
SHA-256: 94df0eed0f9fd8d85eefc09b5b9c05b3eef207be57c6efd25768367883da2552


Live Update URL:



md5: fa8a9284b963c3fea22a738bd9a1db1f
SHA1: 703194d313104668ee6df84b130e1247ef807165
SHA-256: 5953f949a27840d5e90a4bd5bcbe87c051619672fee30133a9219e7cb2230b04

The update will be pushed out to existing users within the next few hours.
Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

comodo dragon is safe and updated :stuck_out_tongue: :-TU

Do I understand correctly that Comodo Dragon browser compatibility with Windows 7 will end at the same time as the Chrome browser?

Hi Alex Masalovich,

Since Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium, we will get these updates removing Win7 and Win8.1 support when we next update the Chromium source, to Chromium 110, which will be the last version compatible with Windows 7.
Comodo Dragon will still work after version 110, but may not receive future updates on Windows 7.

The Comodo Browser Team


what about icedragon update?

It has been discontinued long time ago… The Comodo Forum > Archived Boards > Discontinued Products > Comodo IceDragon - CID